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'The Game' Cast Returns to 'The Wendy Williams Show' (Part 2)

The two day exclusive on The Wendy Williams Show of The Game continues:

The ladies of The Game are here! Wendy asked Tia Mowry what can the viewers expect from the show this season and Tia said, the funny. A lot of the jokes will make a comeback on the show, Tia said the show was turning more dramatic.

She also said, in past shows it was all about Derwin and supporting his career. Now the fans will get to see a lot of what Melanie wants to do with her life and what really makes her happy.

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They reveal reality star, NeNe Leakes' role and she will play a friend of Tasha's on the show. During the show, Tasha and Melanie will be getting ready for a fashion show and that's when NeNe's scene comes in.

The ladies also spoke about Britney Daniel. Many fans have been wondering what happened to Kelly Pitt's role on the show...

Wendy Williams said: "Brandy, Hosea and those guys, they talk a little passive, I've been so tired of trying to find out what happened to Britney, the white girl on The Game, can you please be honest for once and for all and share it with us Game fans?

Wendy Raquel Robinson answered: "To be totally authentic she took some time out for herself."

Wendy Williams then asked: "Did she have a nervous breakdown?"

Tia and Wendy responded in unison: "She took some time out for herself."

Wendy Williams still tried to get the scoop and asked: "Did Keenen Ivory Wayans, her boyfriend ask her to leave the show?

The ladies answered once again, while giggling: "She took some time out for herself."

Yesterday, the cast was on 106 & Park and the same answer was said. 

Hmmm. I don't buy it, but okay that is the answer we're getting about Britney Daniel. 

The Game Game was played which was a series of questions asked about all of the cast members, with the ladies on one team and the men on the other team. 

We found out that Pooch Hall's first Hollywood appearance was acting on a jean commercial, Coby Bell made an appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Brandy went to the prom with Kobe Bryant and Hosea had a crush on Lark Voorhies "Lisa Turtle" from Saved by the Bell

The men got the most points but Wendy said everyone is a winner on The Game Game.

Alright, the day is finally here and The Game season 5 premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on BET. I'll have to DVR it and watch it after work, but check back later on tonight for a recap summary of the premiere.