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Bad Girls Club Las Vegas Premiere Recap: Crazy Girls!

Episode 1: "Throw-Up Throw-Down"

Viva Las Vegas! From the looks of things, this is definitely going to be one crazy season!

The Bad Girls Club hits up a brand new destination and we're introduced to a pack of seven new crazy girls.

Once again the new season of the Bad Girls Club kicks off with a bang of a major fight we can look forward to later on in the season, involving the twins; Gabi and Dani known as "The Victor Twins."

Fast forward three weeks earlier and the season starts to the beginning showing the girls' hometown, family and personal life then they head over to Sin City!

Bad Girls Club Las Vegas Sneak Peak

Learn more about the girls here

Red head Erica hits the house first and the rooms are decked out in a Las Vegas theme with a beach style backyard.

Amy walks in the house next and is exactly what her nickname is "The Hot Mess." Erica hopes Amy isn't as lame as she looks, but this chick Amy isn't lame at all! In fact she's a troublemaker as we see later on.

Gia walks in the house, half naked, nipple out and all. 

When The Victor Twins arrive, Erica doesn't know if she'll like them or not. She feels like it is going to be them versus whoever they are beefing with.

Demitra loves the twins and all three of them bond over being Haitian.

The girls scream, hug and drink when they all meet and everyone is buddy buddy... for now.

Gia made a remark that this is the season where there are no ugly girls in the house.  Then Amy pops the question, who is going to go home?

The girls head out to the club later on and as they're sitting and drinking in VIP, Gia pukes on the booth and gets some puke on Amy's jeans.

Amy freaks out and yells at Gia to clean up her jeans and buy her new ones but Gia refuses to clean her jeans.

"B*tch your jeans didn't cost that much money I should have puked all over your ugly a** face," Gia said. "Amy if you would've packed more than one pair of jeans then you wouldn't be b*tchin' b*tch."

Gia gets heated on the way home in the limo and her and Amy argue already over the puke and jeans. Amy swears these everyone is trying to get on her because she is blonde.

The Victor Twins and Demitra aren't feeling Amy and think something is wrong with her. 

"Amy is seriously disturbed...," Demitra said.

"I'm not a fighter, I'm really not but I'm ready," Amy said.

Amy and Gia, the two beefing actually share a room so Demitra offers to switch rooms with Amy so there is no further beefing. Amy later comes upstairs and as Demita is ready to make the switch, Amy says she didn't want to switch rooms. Now Demitra thinks something is seriously wrong with Amy because this girl doesn't even remember the conversation.

As Gia is sleeping, Amy keeps saying she wants to make peace but keeps egging Gia on and starting with her. Amy thinks Gia is rude and deserves to have a slap in the face for puking on her.

"Don't wake me up out of my sleep, I will thrash a b*tch for that..." Gia said to Amy.

Gia jumps up on Amy's bed and they are both in each others face. Amy can't keep her hands to herself and she pushes Gia off the bed and she flies off and slides on the floor. Gia jumps right back up and the two start fighting already! That didn't take long. 

"It is the first night guys, why are we already causing this much drama," Jenna said.

Gia calls her friend back home and tells her to come to the house to beat Amy up so she doesn't go home. Gia's friend tells her to just keep spitting on her until she feels better. And thats exactly what Gia does.

Demitra starts having some fun and she takes a marker and draws over Amy's bad girl picture.

"I'm so hot, I think you b*tches are jealous," Amy yells out.

Amy gets mad and tells Demitra not to draw on her picture and when she continues, Amy shoves her hard and Demitra falls down. Demitra gets right back up and attacks Amy. 

Gia comes in from behind and gets a nice chunk of Amy's weave and pulls it out and they wrestle to the ground. Asthe Bad Girls producer tries to break them up, he falls to the ground with the two girls.

The Victor Twins feel they are the only normal ones in the house. They say Gia and Amy are getting into it because they both came in the house expecting to be the star of the show.

"I don't feel safe with her here, I want her to go...she's crazy," Demitra said.

Jenna tries to talk some sense to the girls which doesn't work out too good and her and Gia start arguing, then they fight and wrestle to the ground too! Jenna is pissed that Gia is trying to fight everyone on the first night.

Pure craziness and it's only day one.

"Gia is a straight up train wreck and a trash bag and I'm so over her and I just want her to get the hell out the house," Jenna said.

Gabi said, "After tonight I don't really care if a new girl comes in, we didn't need to fight a b*tch on the first day. I don't feel like that's okay, it's not alright, there has to be some kind of consequences."

Well, the fighting is going to happen period. Does it matter if it's on the first day or second?

Demitra and the twins find Amy's blonde  extensions that were pulled out earlier by Gia and one of the twins put Amy's weave in the oven.

Gia starts packing her bags and the girls are unsure if she is just removed for the night or if she is leaving for good. But, as we see in upcoming clips Gia is shown again in future episodes.

Note: The Victor Twins seems like they're quite and normal for now and they're getting along with all the girls, but nor for long. As we saw in the beginning clip, the twins get jumped by the majority of the girls in the house. So they must eventually get on everyone's bad side.

Once again, the bad girls pop off right from the beginning, trying to be Queen B of the house. This crew is so extra, get ready for the crazy ride!

What do you think of the Las Vegas bad girls so far?


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