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Pretty Little Liars: Loved Ones Are in Danger; Toby is Hurt & Ezra Comes Around

The Blonde Leading the Blind

Caleb is helping the girls by decoding videos from the cellphone that was left behind in the greenroom on the first episode, possibly A's cellphone.

The girls watch the video and it shows Ian setting up a secret camera in Allison's room on the night she was murdered. Garrett and Jenna walk in the room and talk to Ian who said he wasn't able to get the videos from Allison. 

They also recognize the box that Jason had. Jason was passed out on the couch when Ian, Garrett and Jenna were in Allison's room that night.

Where is Jason now?

Hanna feels like it isn't safe for Caleb to help them anymore because he wants answers. The girls have to protect their loved ones.

Spencer continues to ignore Toby to protect him from A.

The ladies find hidden notes from Halloween back when someone trashed Allison's porch. The girls see the note was signed by A and realize A was after Allison before them.

We see Noel at school being a complete jerk to Hanna's friend Mona. Since Noel dumped Mona, she gives him back a necklace that he gave her and Noel throws it in the trash. 

Mona and Hanna make up in the bathroom and are friends again. When they leave out the bathroom, we see Jenna slinking out the bathroom stalls. She heard everything they were talking about.

Aria leaves a voicemail for Ezra and tells him to meet her. She says if Ezra shows up then they still have a chance together. But Ezra doesn't check his voicemail.         

Toby goes to pick up his tools and as he climbed the anchor it gave away. Remember we saw someone, possibly A, loosening screws at the end of last weeks episode. Now, Toby fell of the high anchor. Luckily he only broke his arm. 

Spencer visits Toby later on in the hospital and Wren is back in the picture, he's Toby's doctor. You may remember Wren as Melissa's ex-fiance. Him and Melissa broke up after Melissa saw Wren kissing Spencer. 

Toby senses a weird connection between the two, but before Spencer can explain, she receives a message from A.

"Almost got him! Toby won't be so lucky next time. - A"     

Would Jenna actually be involved in hurting her own step brother?

"Jenna would kill her own mother to get back at us," Hanna said.

Jenna shows up at the hospital later and tells Toby not to go back to the house because it is not safe around the other girls.

"You will never be happy with her (Spencer), you will never be at peace, she's haunted Toby," Jenna said.    

Emily runs into Jenna at the hospital and Emily tells her she has some nerve being there. 

"You all should have left him alone, you know how everyone around you gets hurt," Jenna said.            

Spencer thinks of a plan to save Toby. So Emily tells Toby a fake story and says Spencer was seeing someone else before her and Toby got together. Emily said the other man is back now. 

Toby looks crushed! Aww. And he wants to know who the other guy is. 

When Dr. Wren comes in, Toby asked about him and Spencer. Wren tells Toby he has kissed Spencer before. Now Toby thinks Wren is the other guy!      

"You should go now, I may have broken my left arm but my right arm is fine," Toby told him.                                          

Caleb demands answers from Hanna. He watched the videos too and doesn't understand why the girls need them.

"...why are you and your friends looking into a crime that someone already confessed to? Do you think someone else killed her? Someone in this video?" Caleb asked Hanna.

She tells Caleb to stop working on the videos because they're dangerous and she's worried for him.

"I get that, especially since the people are in this town watching me," Caleb said.

He tells Hanna that while he was decoding another video at the Cafe he saw Garrett there and they spoke to each other briefly. Hanna freaks out and grabs the flash drive out of Caleb's hand and destroys the proof in a blender. 

Aria lies to her parents and goes on a fake date with Holden. She really is there hoping to meet up with Ezra. But, Ezra is back at the office talking to a student discussing a paper and love.

"Be bold and the mighty forces will come to your aid," the student said to Ezra.

How hot is this scene!
I think this prompted Ezra to finally check his voicemail. Aria sits and waits in the rain for her man. And Ezra shows up and they kiss in the rain!! So romantic!

"Aria this is dangerous for the both of us, but I'm only worried about you and I want you to be safe and happy..." Ezra tells her.

How is this couple going to be together? Aria might have to keep lying to her parents and fake date Holden some more.

Mona and Hanna are out walking around town and Monna see's Jenna and Noel having dinner together. Hmmm...

Caleb talks to Emily and Spencer later on. He saved the videos on a back up flash drive and he said he will continue to work on the videos despite what Hanna told him. He tells the girls they can't tell Hanna. But one thing, Caleb wants answers from them and he wants to know what it is Hanna is keeping from him.

Later Aria, Spencer and Emily watch the rest of the video with Ian, Jenna and Garrett. Ian tells Garett and Jenna that there is a camera in the room. They hear a noise and Allison is on her way up to the room. Then the video cuts off. 

The girls think that may be the last seconds of Allison's life and that she was possibly killed in her room.

"Maybe we can give this to the police, maybe finally everything will be over," Spencer said.

Toby shows up later and leaves a note for Spencer. She reads the note and says Toby is gone.

At the end, someone wearing black gloves is cutting up pictures of Ezra & Aria and Spencer & Toby. And they burn Ezra and Toby's picture.

Oh man this sucks. Spencer and Aria can't be with the men they love and Hanna can't be honest with Caleb.