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Love Games Finale Recap: Go Big or Go Home! A Winner is Crowned

We're down to two Bad Girls and the final five guys on the finale of Love Games

Judi realizes she has a lot of work to do to persuade more guys on her side. But, when she talks to Edson, he tells her she was fake for putting Jonathan up in last weeks elimination because Jonathan was someone on her team.

Nick, Edson and John are the floaters in the house, on both teams. Kori tells the guys that they need to pick a side. John, the player who is still around, tells both of the girls he will be on their teams.

"...I'm not exactly sure which way I go with it just yet, but I will be on the winning team," John said.

Edson flip flops and tells Judi that he is not in love with her and he said he's probably not on her team anymore. 

Well, this is a reality show, I can understand the not being in love part. But dang Edson played Judi out.

"I definitely feel hurt and sad right now, because I thought out of everybody in the house, Edson would have been number one and loyal on my team," Judi said.

She walks out and starts crying. Judi said she should have eliminated him a long time ago.

"I will smack the taste out of his mouth," Judi said.

Tanisha walks in and right away tells the girls there will be another big elimination and said two guys will be going home. The girls get to choose one guy each to save.

Judi saves Matthew, Kori saves Joey...of course. They also got to send one guy home and this decision was so easy for Judi. She chose Edson who just played her out.

"You flip flop on me, I'll flip flop on you even harder," Judi said.

Oh revenge was sweet for Judi. 

Kori has to choose between Nick and John and she sends Nick home!

"At least John's a game player and he understands my strategy and he's always gonna team up with the one who is playing the better game," Kori said.

Judi starts to question Kori's intentions on saving John and wonders what John is telling Kori.

The remaining three guys and two girls go to Palm Springs. 

Tanisha announces that each of the guys will get to spend 10 minutes of alone time with each of the girls and there is also one last HBIC challenge. 

Judi and Kori have to do a series of five statements and whoever gets the most wins the challenge. One of the tasks is kissing the boys for more than five seconds. The catch: these guys didn't know it was a HBIC challenge for the girls. 

Even though Judi couldn't get Joey to kiss her for more than five seconds, she wins HBIC again, for the third week in a row. Joey didn't even realize he helped Judi win by answering her questions.

Tanisha tells Judi she gets to pick one of the guys to wait for her at the finale and she of course picks Matthew and Kori picks Joey. 

After the announcement, Kori gets jealous over Joey and Judi's time together during the HBIC challenge. Judi revealed that she won by being herself and said she also fed Joey chicken. 

Since John wasn't chosen, Tanisha said he needs to stay and get to know the ladies better. Matthew is worried and thinks John will try steal Judi away from her. Him and Joey head back to L.A. but John gets to go on two separate dates with each of the girls. 

And, since Judi is HBIC, her date gets to last longer with John. Tanisha said there is one guy left and he will ultimately get to decide who wins Love Games...looks like the decision will come down to the player in the house!

John is cheezing too, thinking he won the game already.

"I'm pissed off at the thought that Judi could get connected with John," Matthew said.

Both girls have to fight over John because his decision counts in the end. They both head on a special dinner date.

Kori talks strictly about the game and says they both want to win. Kori said John should turn on Matthew since they're both friends, they both can't win. 

She also told John she would pick him in the end, basically telling him anything he wants to hear. 

Later on Judi's date, John tells Judi he wanted her from the very beginning.

"You're a player," Judi said. "This boy has me tweaking, maybe I need somebody more strong-willed than nice Matthew...I need a man."

John said he's better for Judi more so than Matthew. He said the connection he's having with Judi is real and the two head back to the room for a night cap and things get steamy!

John has both of the girls confused now. Judi is thinking twice about Matthew after her and John's intense date. And Kori thinks about what John said and starts to have doubts about Joey because he isn't normally the type of man she would go for.

The ladies return home to Matthew and Joey in L.A. and nobody knows who is going to win or whose team John will be on.

"I can't believe Love Games got this intense," Judi said.

"I really want to win Love Games because I have a lot of pride and I came too far to lose," Kori said.

During the final elimination; Matthew, Joey and John had to choose which girl they would like to end up with...Matthew picked Judi, Joey picked Kori and of course the votes are tied, with everything coming down to John. 

John chooses Judi and she is the winning girl of this seasons Love Games!

Tanisha tells Kori and Joey their love game ends, "I didn't win the prize but at least I won Joey, Kori said.

Now it is Judi's turn to pick a guy and she is left with her difficult decision to choose between player John and the sweet boy Matthew. We know the obvious chose.

Both guys give their final speeches on why Judi should choose them. And mannnn, I like how Matthew flung his coat off and stated facts about Judi, he genuily seems to care about this girl.

John straight up said Matt is good for you but I'm better for you, "I want and need you in my life on a daily basis, follow your heart and jump for me...I love you baby girl," John said.

I feel like John's speech was so fake and rehearsed, he would have said the same thing to Kori. 

Good thing Judi saw through him and she chose Matthew!

Judi and Matthew are the winners of Love Games and they both win a romantic trip to Cancun, Mexico.!

"We knew from the jump we were going to win. We were 100 percent real with each other and everyone else in the house," Judi said.

Aww I'm happy for them, they're a cute couple. I wonder if they're still together? And Love Games needs a reunion show!

What do you think of the winning couple?

*** Do you remember Matthew as "Dennis" on College Hill? He went by his middle name on the BET reality show.