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'The Game' Season 5 Premiere: More Soap Opera-ish Now? (Fan Reactions)

Twitter is definitely not the thing to be on when you're not able to get in front of a TV and watch your favorite show, because you already know what happens! I didn't watch the premiere yet, but I already feel like I know what happened.

The Game Cast on The Wendy Williams Show 

My whole timeline was filled with The Game talk and trending topics. At one point, The Game took over the trending topics (as shown below) and Tia Mowry a.k.a Melanie even noticed:

Trends: Worldwide trends · change

Tia Mowry 
The Game has all TOP TEN TRENDING TOPICS! Yes!!!!! Thanks fans!!!

#DangMelanie even trended when her past was dug up and her exes came back on the show. But as many fans were watching the show, they were also tweeting their disappointment of the season premiere:

 The writers said hey, let's put every random incident we can think of into the first episode.  

 Josh Weston 

OK so now  went from "I know what you did Last Summer" to "The Hangover"....ok just wanted to figure all that out. Lol

 Vinny Graham 

 is like 70% commercials and 30% show.. smh

 Giselle Ferguson 

 has gotten soooooo STALE i dont understand how ppl still watch this nonesense. Fallen off sooo HARD! Too much drama now.

 SEXY LIVVY Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴͡ 

Tasha need to have a sit down with dr.miracle edge cream ctfu
Retweeted by 


 season premier=not that good.


Oh lawd  got more drama than reality tv lmaoooo


 got some drama thats too extra tho so far two thumbs down -_-

What did you think of the The Game season 5 premiere? Recap coming later.


  1. Coming from someone who watched The Game maybe once since it's been on TV, I agree that it was extra dramatic and soap-opera like, but I don't think it was THAT bad. Again, I don't have the 5 year extensive knowledge of the show so my opinion may not matter lol.


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