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Lets Stay Together Season 2 Premiere: Is this Show Wack?

I found this show boring all last season but kept watching it anyway. The only time I really got into the show was during the last episode when Charles ran out on his and Stacey's wedding. 

And I watched the premiere because I wanted to see what happened after Charles rejected Stacey at the alter right before the "I do's."

Season 2 picks right back up after the wedding chaos. Stacey is fuming and doesn't want anymore mentioning the name Charles and she's having an Angela Bassett moment.

Hers sister, Tasha asked, "can you get a divorce even though you're really not married because I think you need to get something from him running out on the ceremony on you." 

Their mom already enrolled Stacey in a matchmaking service and she hooked up a portfolio of professional guys waiting for Stacey.

Just as Stacey was calling Charles a selfish, immature bastard, he comes home. He explains that he ran out of the wedding to get a poem he left in the car because he wanted to read it to her at the alter before they said their vows to each other. Then, he got stuck in the elevator for hours and the ambulance brought him home.

"You cannot call a timeout in the middle of a wedding," Stacey said. "You are no Maya Angelou my friend."

Stacey wasted no time getting revenge and she already slashed Charles' tires and burned his clothes, but Charles asked Stacey to marry him ....again and she forgave him.

They waste no time and get married by Stacey's mom who is a priest. They marry right in their house and they're now husband and wife!

Tasha and Jamal's marriage also gets a test of its own from past relationships. Tasha is kind of forgetting that she has a husband every now and then when her ex Troy comes around. 

Does anybody stick around for this show after The Game goes off?

Here are some Twitter thoughts:

 I'm just so gifted. 

Maybe take away let's stay together and let that hour be an extra hour added on the game .

 Bejean Morgendorffer 

I'm only going to watch let's stay together cause of kyla Pratt

 No corazòn 

Showing "Let's Stay Together" after "The Game" is like giving desert before dinner.

 C M B 

"Let's Stay Together" should not have got picked back up. The only way they got ratings is cause ppl left their tv on BET after "The Game".

During this season of Lets Stay Together we can expect special appearances from; Kyla Pratt, La La Anthony, NeNe Leakes, Omarion, Jackee Harry, Jasmine Guy, plus more!