Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot or Not? Chris Brown's New Song "Turn Up The Music" :Take A Listen

Chris Brown's second single off of Fortune was just released. "Turn Up The Music" is definitely an Electro-pop party song, that energetic fist-pumping kind of music that will get you pumped!

Chris tweeted earlier:

Chris Brown 
New FORTUNE single coming 1/26!!! "TURN UP THE MUSIC"!!!!!!

Are you feeling it? 


  1. I didn't like it from the 1st 5 seconds lol. I still listened to the rest to give it a chance, but the answer is "No", I am not feeling it lol. Also I want to thank you because I would have heard this 2 months from now and thought it was new and felt stupid when someone told me it wasn't LOL. I stay more up-to-date thanks to your blog!

  2. all the music is turning into this club, pop, techno stuff...i like it for exercise music and to get pumped lol

    and I'm glad I can help keep you current on gossip and music lol


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