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Throwback Thursdays: Freddie Jackson Singing "You Are My Lady" on 'Family Matters'

I was jamming to Freddie Jackson's 80's hit "You Are My Lady" the other day and remembered he made an appearance on Family Matters in 1994.

I found the video below. The quality isn't that good and you have to turn the volume all the way up. But man, this took me back to my childhood in the early 90's!

Steve Urkel's cool alter ego Stefan Urkel planned a romantic surprise for Laura in his basement and in comes Freddie Jackson singing his hit as he's coming down on the elevator. Laura was shocked!

And Freddie had on that bright lime green suit, lol.

Do you remember this episode?

The video also shows the UPN logo on the TV! Old school for sure. 

And, I didn't like how Family Matters ended. For a show to be on for almost ten deserved a better ending than Steve getting lost in space...that was so wack!

The original video for this song: