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"Jersey Shore's" Snooki Without Makeup, Hot or Not?

Nicole Polizzi, Snooki

"No make up day :) and IDC," Snooki tweeted along with this photo of her completely makeup-free face.
I think Snooki looks sooo much better without all the bronzer and fake lashes on her face. A lot of girls actually 

look better wearing less makeup.

Snooki with Makeup? Eh.


  1. She definitely looks much better sans the two inches of bronzer, dark shadow and spider lashes.

    However, what's with that duck face she's always making? She has a very thin upper lip when her mouth is relaxed. America knows and sees this, yet she always tries this (obvious) illusion in her "candid" photos. Women in general need to knock it off; it aint cute!

    1. omg I hate that duck face! or when girls poke their lips out like a fish and think they're picture is cute..smh


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