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The Kardashian Reality Shows are Busted as Being Fake, Photos Surface as Proof

So it seems that Kris Humphries was right when he spilled the secret about the Kardashian reality shows being fake. 

There seems to be a fake scene during last weeks episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, during the part when Kim and her mother took a trip to Dubai and Kim was starting to doubt her marriage during the limo scene (shown below) as they were leaving their vacation.

Back in December, Kris blew the Kardashian shows up, which he stars in as well and now there are photos on the internet to prove it (shown below).

Kris Humphries even tweeted after last weeks show aired and said: 

"I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC."

They call it reality TV but most of these shows are turning into scripted soap operas! Keep reading below...

Kim and her mother went to Dubai back in October and a few weeks after their return, Kim filed for divorce. And, according  to Reality Tea, the limo scene wasn't filmed in Dubai. This scene was filmed at an LA sound studio on Dec. 6th...months after Kim's divorce was over!

The photos above shows Kim and her mother, Kris in the limo and also shows them leaving the studio on Dec. 6th. 

Kim is wearing the same outfit, hairstyle and make-up in the above photos. Kris decided to change her clothes but she didn't take off the earrings. But, an assistant is right behind her with the same clothes she wore in Dubai!

This is the actual limo scene from last weeks show below: