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Rihanna is Sexified in Newest Photo Shoot & Is She Burning Out?

via: Rihanna Daily

Rihanna is back again for her newest ad campaign with Emporio Armani Jeans. The above photos are the first looks from her recent photo shoot.

As a spokesmodel for them, Rihanna's ads in last years Armani Jeans photo shoot (shown below) was crowned "Sexiest Ads of the Year" in a poll conducted by Advertising Age magazine.

This time she has on more clothes but still looks hot in just a white tee and in a jean jacket.

In other Rihanna news, there have been a lot of reports circulating that the young star may need to slow down. 

Signs have shown that Rihanna possibly may be burning herself out with constant drinking, constantly working and touring and lets not forget her hospital visits when she caught the flu. 

She also puked in a middle of a song while performing on stage in Portugal back in December and according to Bossip, close sources want her to check into rehab before she heads down the same path as Amy Winehouse.


Last years Armani photo shoot