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Lil' Kim Calls Drake a B*tch and Some Other Not So Nice Words...

Damn Drake is really catching it from people lately...Common, the LA tattoo artist and now Lil' Kim is trying to punk him and call him soft.

In a recent video that is getting around on the internet, Lil' Kim is shown during a recent Florida club performance (in the video below), where she performs her and 50 Cent's hit "Magic Stick," then right after Drake's "Motto" is played which is followed by Lil' Kim dropping it and shaking her booty. 

 Lil' Kim 

Shout out to everyone who came out to the Lil Kim and show in tampa. Tampa Y'all gets it poppin!!!

And oh yeah, people are buzzing on how she called Drake a "b*tch a$$ ni**a" which you can kind of hear towards the end around the 2:58 mark. And this isn't the first time Lil' Kim had some not so nice names for Drake and Drake has answered back before as well.

Watch below, did you hear that? She still must be gunning for Nicki Minaj and is taking it out on Nicki's YMCMB partner Drake. Let it go Kim!


  1. She is so petty! Go produce something, that's what ppl do when their career is over. You were nice so let someone else shine now. It doesn't even have to be all this.

  2. LOL exactly! Like she's almost 40 yrs old! Y are you still mad?? And she should be focused on that upcoming album and making sure it's perfect for her fans


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