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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Has Her Ring Now, But She's Still Beefing with People

On this weeks Love & Hip Hop, we see Jim taking a private plane to fly to Miami and we hear his thoughts as to why he is proposing. He wants to make things right with Chrissy because he realizes how much he loves her and how much of a foundation she is to his life.

"I was fortunate enough to end up with Chrissy as my lady, that is like the princess kissing the frog, I got my own fairy tail going on" Jim said.

After the proposal and the tears that came along with it, Jim not only surprised Chrissy with a ring but also by bringing her friends, family and even Mama Jones along to Miami to celebrate their engagement.

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Chrissy said she's going to turn over a new leaf, hmmm lets see.

"You can't make a man do what he doesn't want to do, sometimes you have to force him to realize whats right...and it all came together and that's all I ever really wanted," an emotional Chrissy said.

Rich flew out to Miami to meet up with Rico Love, a songwriter producer and they talked about Olivia's music career. Rico said all Olivia needs is a hit record and he also just signed Teairra Marie.

Olivia meets with Rico in the studio and he tries to school her with the same thing everyone else has been telling her: Bring your personality to your music so your fans can relate! Damn Olivia is it that hard? People have been telling you that!

Later on she performs a new record "Walk Away" in front of a small crowd with Rich and Rico chilling in the audience watching her, along with Erica, Chrissy and Teairra Marie.

"...She's singing a song called "Walk Away" that is about her leaving a man, yet you're on stage smiling, there's a disconnect there," Rich said about Olivia's performance.

Once again, Olivia doesn't bring any true, personal emotion on stage. The song was good, but I get what Rich and Rico are saying. 

There is this wall that Olivia puts up and she better break it down if she wants to rise up in the music industry.

Teairra Marie checks on Rico Love to make sure her project is still going smoothly because she see's he is there for Olivia. But, he reassures Teairra Marie that he wouldn't feel comfortable working in the studio with Olivia until Teairra Marie's album is good to go.

Kimbella meets up with her mother and is it just me or is Kimbella looking a little old in the face, tired maybe? I thought this comment from Charlamagne from Power 105 was pretty funny:

 Charlamagne Tha God 

Kimbella's not going to age well. She's going to age like milk......

Yandy brings Erica and Kimbella together in Miami, trying to play peacemaker between the two, hoping they can fix things.

"The last time I met with Erica I was about to kill her, okay? No woman has ever disrespected me like that. I need to check this b*tch because this has gone too far," Kimbella said.

Erica said the last time they met up she went off her judgement and says it was factual. Kimbella said Erica's facts are wrong and said she had no right judging her.

"If you felt like throwing the glass was checking me it was totally wrong because it's not gonna check me..I'm still gonna talk ...," Erica said to Kimbella. "... Kimbella I think you and I both know you will never be on my level."

Okay, I'm off of these two. You got two models still tryning make it big, going back and forth at each other. Like move on already! And Yandy stop playing peacemaker, if they don't like each other, then they don't like each other. Yandy reminds me of Suzie from Basketball Wives

Teairra Marie has a conversation with Emily based off some information she found out from Olivia. Teairra Marie advises Emily on her relationship with Fabolous because Emily is starting to date him again. 

Emily said she just wants Fabolous to get his sh*t together and she wants commitment. She said she left Fabolous to see if she could do it without him. Emily can't fight her true feelings for Fab and she loves his cheatin' behind no matter what.

"I felt like if I took this break and I changed what I was doing and my circumstances maybe he would change and he is, but it's like what do I do now, now that I'm gone? I thought I was happy, but I still love him and I can't fight that ...," Emily explains.

Chrissy and her crew; Emily, Teairra Marie and Olivia go out to celebrate Chrissy's engagement. Chrissy said her engagement ring is too big to wear everyday, that cracked me up, like really Chrissy?

Alright, now on to the good part. Chrissy vs. Yandy

Yandy walks into the club with Kimbella and they're all buddy, buddy? Lol.  They all walk over to Chrissy and crew. Chrissy looks up and see's Yandy and she got jokes.

"...I can see you, you're a colorful zebra, you got a chest like a 12-year-old boy with sequence," Chrissy said. 

Ha, ha, ha!!!

Chrissy speaks first and she asked Yandy if she has something to say to her. So Yandy responds asking Chrissy if she has something to show her, like an engagement ring. Chrissy didn't like that!

Chrissy said Yandy got too personal when she quit. Supposedly, Yandy wrote Jim an email and in it she asked Jim about his money and she mentioned him buying Chrissy a bunch of shoes. Chrissy said it was a very disrespectful email.

Chrissy yells at Yandy to talk to her outside. Yandy says lets handle this right here right now, inside the club. The two start arguing about checks and money and then Yandy screams out to Chrissy that she dares her.

Chrissy calls up Jim and says she's about to kill Yandy, "F*ck it, I'm calling all stops b*tch, it's not going down."

Love Hip Hop Fight 120109Then, Chrissy charges towards Yandy like a bull but there were so many people and security standing around that we really couldn't see them hitting each other and the fight got broken up fast. 

According to Yandy, Chrissy did get a kick in.

"I think she ran and kicked me, who does that? Maybe when you're five you do that but not 45. C'mon ma, you serious?" Yandy said. 

"She's still mad that I get money and she gotta sleep with a ni**a to get money?"

Chrissy gets escorted away from Yandy and she said,"You go all these whores around you and you actin' like you bigged up, once I beat you the f*ck up they not gonna help you!"

Chrissy said disrespect doesn't sit well with her and she waits in the front of the club for Yandy to come out. But Yandy gets pulled out by some security guy and they take her through the back door. The guy said Yandy has to leave for safety reasons.

"I would never grace her with my presence, f*ck that b*tch," Chrissy said.

*** For any Love & Hip Hop fans who were wondering what happened to Somaya Reece, the MIA cast member of the show who was on the first couple of episodes this season...she tweeted about it this past Friday (Jan. 6) and said:

 Somaya BOSS Reece 

Team Somaya i'll be back on episode 9 & 10 !! Remember, I don't entertain BS. I entertain these checks $$