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Love & Hip Hop Finale: Kimbella is Preggies & Chrissy, Jim and Mama Jones go on a Vaca

So I just watched the Love & Hip Hop finale and I'm kinda so over this season, the finale was aight.

Quick recap:

Kimbella Pregnant 300x199 Kimbella Pregnant ...Again! [Video]We find out Juelz Santana is locked up leaving Kimbella without a man and with confused thoughts about her relationship. She feels like  Juelz is not committed to her. 

Kimbella also announces a pregnancy to her mother and father.

"I wish that Juelz would just put the ring on your finger already, after two kids it's time," her mother said.

Olivia makes decisions and she's still struggling to make it in the music industry and still left without a deal.

She goes on Hot97 to the Funkmaster Flex show and sets things straight with him because he was talking reckless about her career on the radio before, saying it was a wrap for her.


Moving along...

Emily and Chrissy have girl talk about Fabolous and Chrissy tells her:

"When a man loves a woman he does what he has to do to keep her and make her happy, If a man is loyal to you he's going to make sure you're protected."

Emily said she will continue to be on her own and she will only go back to Fabolous if he is willing to be in a monogamous relationship.

Later, Chrissy and Jim go on a vaca to Jamaica and Mama Jones tags along. Mama Jones also told Chrissy she wants some grand babies. 

Will there be some kids in Chrissy and Jim's future?

Mama Jones also performs her song "Psychotic B*tch" with Freddy as her backup on stage and Yandy dancing in the audience.

And as for Yandy, well it looks like she's still without a job.

Somaya makes an appearance at the end of the finale and says she has an investor, got rid of old baggage and she hooked up with new producers, now she's off to L.A.

There is no word on a reunion show yet, but I'll keep you posted on updates.

What did you think of this season of Love & Hip Hop?


  1. This was my 1st season so without anything to compare, I liked it. I'm mad Somaya been ghost though. Seems her role is pointless....

  2. Her role this season was pointless because she didn't have any drama which is what reality tv is all about.

    Last season she was beefing with Chrissy and Olivia but now since she's cool with everyone there was nothing else to really show. I'm guessing that is why they brought in Kimbella and spice things up a bit b/c they weren't on last season.

  3. Oh ok I did not see last season so maybe that is why lol. I had forgotten about her for a second. I actually semi like Kimbella DESPITE her choice of how to do things which always seems to be at the wrong time lol. I began to like her more after they brought Erica on the show, she needs to go jump off a canyon!


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