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The Game: Tasha & Melanie Disagree and Jason Talks 'Being Black'

Episode 3: "The Black People Episode"

We're introduced back to the Saber locker room again this season and Malik is still beefing with Derwin and mad at the fact that he's benched.

"You thought we were cool, why? Because I came to your sons birthday party? That's my godson, it's not his fault that his father is a piece of crap!" Malik said to Derwin.

We're introduced to a new sexy Saber, Quan Kirkland (Charles Michael Davis) and he's also Camille's ex. Derwin tries to bond with him and invites him to hang with the fella's but he declines.
Derwin thinks Quan is being wack and Melanie reminds Derwin that he used to kiss Jason and Malik's a** so now it's time for this new guy to kiss up to Derwin.

When the Sabers win a game next time, Derwin wants to celebrate and take the whole team out. He asks Quan once again to join them and he says, "Nah, I'm good."

"I wanna know what that means exactly, explain that 'you're good' does that mean you're too good to hang with us, you are a Saber right?" Derwin questions Quan.

Quan sets Derwin straight and said, "I'm not here to be your buddy. I'm not your Malik or your Jason, hell I'm not even your Javone. I'm here to win championships. So stop finding ways to ask me out, alright? It's getting kinda suspect don't you think?" 

Jason and Chardonnay have several weeks until their annulment is final since their accidental marriage in Mexico. They go out to dinner and Jason meets her friends, at first he is reluctant to meet her friends but then he warms up to them. 

"Who knew they had such fine eateries on the black side of town," Jason jokes when they first walk in.

"$12.99 for all you can eat shrimp? Why am I just now hearing about this place?" 

We know how Jason likes to save money.

"Because you deleted the hood from your GPS," Chardonnay said.

They all start talking about race and guest star Kel Mitchell, one of Chardonnay's friends calls Jason his "brother." Jason gets all excited and says he's proud to be a brother and he's never been called one before.

The conversation takes a turn when two white police officers sits at a nearby table. Chardonnay's friends say they have unwanted attention now. But, Jason says "hey" to the cops. 

Her friends go on to talk about DWB's (driving while black) and other racial things. Jason isn't hip to any of this and says he rarely gets pulled over and when he does, cops ask him for an autograph and keep it moving.

Jason tells them maybe they're being a little too sensitive about the whole race thing.

"Racism is racism no matter who you are, you better open your eyes and you'll see," Chardonnay said.

Later on, Jason thinks he gets a taste of racial profiling while he's shopping. Him and a white man walk out the store at the same time. A white associate rushes to the front of the store and stops both of the men but tells the white man he can leave and she asks Jason to open his bag.

When Jason questions why she let the other man go, she replies "I'm sure you set off the sensor."

"Let me tell you something lil' lady not all black people all thieves..." Jason said.

But Jason has it all wrong and the lady tells him the cashier that rung him up is in training and she's been leaving the censor tags on all morning.

"Ohh, my fault, that's my fault. You know m ex-wife is white. That's not why I left her, that's actually why I married her," Jason jokingly said.

When he walks out the store, someone almost runs him over and yells out, "oh shuddup blacky I could've hit ya."

Ever since the racial conversation with Chardonnay's friends, Jason starts over thinking things. He goes to the bar later on while Chardonnay is working and says it's her fault.

"I feel like I'm living in the inception of racism, I don't know what is and what isn't anymore," Jason tells Chardonnay.

"I'm rich and famous black how do you do it when you're regular black, black like you?" he said.

We also see Jason and Chardonnay share a kiss for the first time.

Tasha and Melanie work together to plan a fashion show. 

Nene Leakes guests stars on this episode to introduce her clothing line, she's recommended by Tasha and as Nene's models come out, Melanie's face is like "eww." 

"Tasha is so ghetto, she's trying to turn the Sunbeam fashion show from a scene from the Wiz," Melanie said. 

"I support the ghetto just as much as the next person, I play BBQ once a month, but c'mon enough is enough."

At the next Saber meeting, Melanie is absent and it's announced that she couldn't make it because she is trying for in vitro. 

So a Sunbeam speaks on behalf of Melanie (she's white by the way) and she books a British fashion designer for the fashion show instead of Nene Leakes. The designer said he was offered $10,000 to step in and fix the train-wreck Tasha created with her "ghetto fashions."

Tasha is told the fashion show needs new direction and leadership and she gets pissed. The ladies take a vote but Tasha still wins.

Towards the end of the show, Tasha said she booked two-fourths of Jodeci for the fashion show. 

Melanie is M.I.A again at the Sunbeam meeting because she is resting under doctors orders. 

She makes the final decision, via face phone chat and as Sunbeam president Melanie said she will be going by Sunbeam bylaws in planning the fashion show.

"You spiteful little heifer, you the one tryna turn everyone against me, trying to say this whole thing was ghetto and your a** is the one riding this ghetto train for the last five years," Tasha said to Melanie.

Melanie said she wanted to save her Sunbeams. Tasha said it used to be about them having fun and partying and she tells Melanie off.

"At the end of the day I'm better than you. You ain't nothing but a wannabe. You wanna be more important than what you really are but real talk, you ain't nothing but a ballers wife who don't do nothing and you don't get nomore ghetto than that," Tasha says and storms out.

***My thoughts

This season has started off on a strong note. I talked about the game earlier this week on my radio show and how I'm not as impressed with this season or the last. The show is turning more soap-operish and is losing its funny. 

One of my listeners tweeted:

"abortions, sex, racism and drugs. Never topics when it was on the CW lol"

I have to agree with the above Twitter comment. To have a whole show about black issues and black this and black one point I was like c'mon really? I'm a black woman and it became too much for me. To name this episode "The Black People Episode" I was like oh boy before it even started.

And to make Melanie sit around at home, not working and talking about how "ghetto" Tasha is, is annoying. What happened to the Melanie who was a go-getter? The Melanie who became a doctor. Why isn't she working?  It's like she put everything aside when Derwin made it big time with the Sabers. 

And can Melanie and Tasha just make up already, enough with the beef. I want to like Melanie and this character is turning to a stuck-up housewife.


  1. I love Jason and chardonnay. Brandy abd Coby have mad chemistry. The game does not stay on long enough.

    1. I agree. They need to make the show an hr. And Chardonnay was the perfect chick to put Jason in his place.

  2. Sorry I'm late to the party. I just have to say though - I think it would have been ridiculous if this show HAD NOT breached the topics of drugs, sex and (yes) racism given the fact that it revolves around the world of professional athletes.

  3. Oh! And I LOVE where Jason and Chardonnay are going.


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