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Love & Hip Hop: Friendships are Tested Between Olivia, Yandy & Chrissy and the Beef Continues Between Kimbella & Erica

This weeks show starts off with Yandy meeting up with Emily and Olivia. Yandy doesn't like the fact that Olivia left the club in last weeks episode without even checking on her after her confrontation with Chrissy. 

Emily tries to tell Yandy she was in the wrong for her "I bought my own table. Can you buy your own" comment in last weeks episode, but Yandy feels like she didn't do anything wrong to Chrissy.

Emily said since Chrissy's man is Yandy's client, she needs to respect that.

Olivia said to Yandy, "We're gonna trying to figure it out because I already told her you weren't the problem, she has the problem with you..."

Emily gave Olivia the side eye and kind of smirked. It's clear that Olivia is playing the fence since both Yandy and Chrissy are her girls. So now Olivia feels like she's stuck in the middle between their beef.

Chrissy is doubting Olivia's loyalty as a friend.Later on, Chrissy meets up with Olivia and Emily. Chrissy said she's not sure which side Olivia is on. Emily told Chrissy everything about what Olivia had to say to Yandy.

Emily also feels like Olivia had an opinion about the situation but didn't want to speak on it.

Olivia told Yandy she shouldn't apologize and asked her why does she always have to be the bigger person.

Well I guess we see whose side Olivia is on.

"Because of your that is making me question your character and that's no good for us," Chrissy said to Olivia. She just wants Olivia to take a stand and have an opinion.

So Olivia says she feels like both of them were in the wrong because they have been doing the same things to each other.

"I don't ever want a friend on my side that I have to keep looking back to and making sure she's with me and if you don't feel like you can be that friend and define the lines because you're in the middle of some bullsh*t then I really don't understand how we're going to go forward," Chrissy said to Olivia.

Yandy talks to Emily and Olivia about her fight with Chrissy. Is Olivia being too sympathetic to Yandy?"I don't need no weak people around me and I don't need no sucka a** people around me, I really don't have no room for it."

Olivia said she's neither of those so her and Chrissy don't have a problem. 

Later on, Olivia meets back up with Yandy and tries to explain to her how Chrissy is Jim's wife so she's automatically involved in his situations.

Yandy said, "First of all she's his girl. Ok they were engaged when she proposed and now they're installed because he gave her an installment plan."

Wow!! Is Yandy hating much? Installed?

"I think it is completely pathetic that no one can speak up or have their own opinion or have their own mind when it comes to Chrissy, it's ridiculous. Is that really who you want to befriend?" Yandy said.

And Olivia makes it clear that she will not be picking sides between Yandy and Chrissy.

Yandy feels like Jim should have stepped in and told her she was right and Chrissy was wrong. Yandy feels like just because she helped Jim get money and get to where he is then he should have stood by her side because she feels their loyalty comes first.

Yandy talks to her mentor, Mona Scott-Young.
I like the advice that her mentor, Mona was giving her. 

Chrissy can be a hot mess but Yandy did get caught up with mixing business and personal. 

Like Mona said, the email Yandy sent to Jim, mentioning how he spends his money on Chrissy was out of line. Yandy shouldn't be concerned with how many shoes Jim buys Chrissy. 

I'm feeling like Yandy secretly is jealous that Chrissy is getting all of Jim's attention and Yandy might even wish she was with Jim, I dunno...just saying.

Later on, Yandy meets with Jim's Diplomat partner, Cam'ron and she wants in on his upcoming project. Cam'ron said he's been jealous for a long time that he hasn't been working with Yandy. But, he said even though Yandy doesn't work for Jim anymore, he still wants to run it pass his boy anyway. 

Erica meets up with Vibe to do an interview and right away the Kimbella situation is brought up. Erica said Kimbella took her kindness for weakness and has been going around telling people that she messed up her face during their fight.

So the pop culture editor of Vibe asked Erica, "how do you think Kimbella got to where she is?"

Erica answered, "One thing, she definitely gets around. She's definitely known for that. She f*cked the right d*ck and now she's living all right...I really wouldn't call what she does modeling."

"It's all about the appeal and the tastefulness of it and I think a lot of girls lose that."

Emily talks to Winter, Fabolous' friend and ex-assistant. Emily said Fabolous is begging to be back with her. She sad ever since she moved out, it was like a wake up call to Fabolous, for him to change. Although Emily feels like Fabolous might slip back into his old ways, she can't help the fact that she loves him. So now she has some decision making to do.

"... I don't want to come second to anyone's life. I want to be number one and the only one," Emily said.

Somaya is back on the show this week and she links up with Kimbella. She tells Kimbella that she received a Google alert about Erica's Vibe interview. 

So later on, Somaya and Kimbella show up during Erica's birthday party and Kimbella confronts Erica about talking reckless...again, and after they already had a talk.

Somaya doesn't understand why Erica is going so hard on Kimbella, someone Erica claims she doesn't care about.

Erica tells Kimbella that she's irrelevant but yet she's still calling Kimbella a hoe. 

"Calm down, you're at my sh*t. Why are you so rah-rah because you got backup? You got a monster with you (talking about Somaya) you thinking you're bad."

It was funny when Erica called Somaya a sumo wrestler. Lol!

Erica swings at Kimbella but it was a weak punch. Kimbella yells out that Erica wants to be her so bad. And nothing really pops off because all of Erica's people break it up and Erica just keeps on partying. As Kimbella and Somaya leave the club, Kimbella said Erica will get her a** beat.

It looks like these two will never work out their problems. 

Next week is the season finale of Love & Hip Hop. With all the beef and drama going around, will anything get squashed?


  1. Erica is lame! If you don't care about someone and they are "irrelevant " to you as age says, then Kimbella is right. Whyyyyy does her name keep coming our of your mouth! She started with Kimbella for no reason. Talking about ppk kept comparing y' that means you start mess with her cuz of what PEOPLE were doing? Kimbella ain't even know her lol. Ugh I hate Erica!

  2. Aaaaaand thus girl "Winter" is a joke. How you gonna tell a woman she gotta put up with BS? Shows how high her standards are. Last but not least. Chrissy is wack! Don't be tryna make ppl choose sides. I need her to get over herself. Let your beef be your beef. If Olivia has nothing to do with it then let her be. She just needs to shutup and not talk about it to either one of them!

  3. 1 more.....what is Somaya doing with her life? Lol

  4. Somaya is trying to rap, they used to show her trying to make it on the show. I don't know why she wasn't shown for the majority of the season. It seems like they brought Erica on the show and left Somaya out. Maybe because she doesn't have has much drama going on? But yea, Erica gets on my nerves too, she deserves to be wanged right in the face


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