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Mob Wives Season 2 Premiere: Plastic Surgery Nightmare, Drita & Karen's Beef Continues

So I'm a season late, but I like Mob Wives! Season 2 premiered yesterday and I was like dag, I gotta blog about this show here I am.

Until I catch up on the first season, I'm not too up on these ladies friendships, history and personalities. But, from the jump Drita seems crazy and I get that her and Karen still aren't friends at all.

So Renee starts of the show saying she has no drama and no ex this summer to hold her back and she goes to get plastic surgery for a full body makeover. She wants all the fat taken out of her body and put into her butt.

"F*ck the gym I want instant gratification, I'm getting my body today and I will be skinny tomorrow," Renee said.

Before the operation, Renee gets a feeling that she's doing something wrong, but she doesn't turn back.

It was pretty gross when they showed the cut out fat out, I'm like nooo why is she doing that to herself?

After the surgery, Renee wakes up in so much pain and says the drugs aren't working. 

She continues to say, "so bad, so bad..." and says it hurts. She sits up and feels like she ripped her stitches wide open and says she feels like she's dying. 

Then she said everything goes black. It turns out Renee did rip her stitches open, was rushed to the emergency room and she lost so much blood that she almost died.

Renee had to be given a blood transfusion, she spent 16 extra days in the hospital and it took her twice as long to recover from her surgery. 

Plastic surgery gone wrong! Not even worth it.

"This surgery has definitely showed me who my friends are and how important family is," Renee said.

Karen goes over to Renee's house to check up on her and Renee says she feels even more insecure with her body now. Renee realized she made a mistake and said the plastic surgery wasn't worth it.

"I went in beautiful and came out ugly," she tells Karen. Renee is struggling with her image and doesn't feel physically pretty.

Renee is also pissed that Carla didn't reach out to her while she was in the hospital. Carla said she heard that Renee went through complications afterwards but didn't know during the time of her surgery and says she sent a text to check up on Renee but didn't visit her in the hospital.

C'mon just a text message? 

Renee said no matter how much she dislikes somebody she would be there for them. 

"If I would have known she was in really bad shape, I probably would have called her but I have enough sh*t to worry about," Carla said. 

"I wish Renee would have listened to me and would have gone to the gym with me once in awhile rather than going through that surgery because it just wasn't worth it."

Carla and Drita get together. Drita said her husband Lee D'Avanzo, the bank robber who is currently incarcerated, cheated on her and she said he's denying everything. Drita said she saw a divorce attorney and she's ready to start a new chapter.

Drita said she wants to hit the girl who slept with her husband with a crowbar for GP: According to Drita, that means general purpose.

Later on, Drita takes up boxing class to relieve some stress and anger. If someone even looks at her the wrong way, she'll want to punch them in the face. 

Drita said she has issues with Karen but says it isn't worth it and will try to mend things with her and move forward. She also said she won't have to hit anybody now, she can just hit the punching bag instead. 

Yeah right, we'll see how long this lasts.

Drita sends Karen a long text message saying she wants to make up for the sake of the children. But Karen says she's been hearing rumors that Drita has been going around talking crap about her and telling people she put her in the hospital from their fight on the first season. 

"Drita if you're gonna go around and tell people you put me in a hospital, make sure I go there because when I hear your stories I'm gonna come for you..." Karen said.

Renee meets up with a new therapist and decides that she is going to stay away from Carla for awhile because she's hurt. Renee throws a birthday celebration of life to get over her issues and for surviving her surgery. Oh, and she doesn't invite Carla of course.

Carla says she's happy she isn't invited because she still has problems she needs to resolve with Renee.

"Call me if you have a problem with me, don't go bashing me around the neighborhood," Carla said and calls Renee a bipolar b*tch.

Drita and Karen are invited to Renee's party later on and Renee wants them to stay in their own corners so they don't ruin her happy party. She prays for a drama free evening, but this doesn't last long. 

Karen shows up at the party with her friend Ramona and Drita comes to the party alone. Drita tries to have fun and dodges Karen for awhile. But Renee calls all her girls to the front on a microphone and Drita feels uncomfortable so she goes outside on the balcony to remove herself from the situation.

Karen said she doesn't want to have drama with Drita but the second she see's Drita her blood boils. 

Karen goes outside on the balcony to confront Drita. In Drita's head she's thinking she is going to make up with Karen but Karen thinks otherwise and wants Drita to know she can't just put her hands on her.

The show cuts off just when the good part is about to get started, next week some punches are thrown!