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Throwback Thursdays: Wendy Williams vs. Whitney Houston - Throwback Radio Interview

Wendy broke down in tears this past Monday on her show while talking about the death of Whitney. 

She said although she never met Whitney, she felt a connection with her because Wendy admitted to also being an addict. 

Below is the interview Wendy Williams mentioned, the one she did with Whitney Houston back in 2003 when Wendy had her radio show.

"I don't believe I've ever met you in my entire career," Wendy Williams said.

"Isn't that funny because you talk about me all the don't even know me," Whitney snapped back.

Take a listen below. Whitney Houston let Wendy Williams have it too! I was like ohhh sh*t, don't mess with Jersey girls! Lol.


  1. Funniest thing I ever seen lol. She is no joke and does not care what she say to you. I honestly don't think she thinks before she speaks much LOL. Love it!


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