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The Game: Malik Packs and Reminisces on His Big Spending & Jason Gets a New Attractive Co-Host

Episode 5: "Drink, Pray, Love"

Malik is in the midst of selling his mansion due to money issues and he is chilling outside of his house one last time as people around him are packing up his items.

Tee Tee offers Malik a place to crash. Who would have thought this would be the day, when Tee Tee is the one offering Malik a place to live! But Malik having to sell his huge mansion isn't too surprising after all the money he's wasted over the years.

A little boy of the family who is buying Malik's house runs over to Malik and asked him for his autograph. The little boy says he can't believe he's going to be living in a famous persons house.

Tee Tee tells Malik at least he still has his fans.

But then the little boy says to Malik, "You're not Cuba Gooding Jr?"

Boyz II Men "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday " is playing in the background as Malik reminisces on the celebrations, hosting sex parties and all the good moments he spent in his mansion. 

Do you feel sorry for Malik? Because I don't. 

Malik and Tee Tee walk pass the indoor pool and Malik said he wishes he learned how to swim. 

After Tee Tee tells him it's never too late, Malik jumps in the pool and Tee Tee has to jump in after him. Malik then realizes he can actually stand in the pool. Then he walks the horse he never fed, pet or walked ever before.

Malik later on finds a picture he drew in the third grade which resembles the mansion he's selling now. 

"I knew when I got it I had made it. Now that everything is being taken away from me I feel like I'm letting this kid in the projects down...this was my dream and I blew it," Malik said.

"This house is not who you are, it's what you bought...and you'll move on to the next dream," Tee Tee advises.

So it's on to the next dream for Malik.

Jason gets introduced to a new co-anchor "Summer" and he doesn't handle the news too well when his boss informs him the network wants to sexy up the show.

"Then I'll wear tighter shirts...I'll give a little nip slip...," Jason said and he starts going into a freestyle pitts-style rhyme. Lol.

Later on, Jason goes to Chardonnay's house and she advises him. She points out the positive of having a co-anchor which will open him up to spending more time with her and also Britney.

But later on, Chardonnay starts to worry about Jason's new co-host and the fact that she's white.

"In the past I preferred to be with white women, I'm with you now, that should make you feel special," Jason said.

"The last thing I need is to come here and deal with your insecurities, you're supposed to be my rock, my respite, my shelter from the storm, or use your time 'my ride or die chick'...if you can't be any of those things then deuces," Jason told Chardonnay.

Jason also told Chardonnay to not let her insecurities get in the way of what they share. And Chardonnay told Jason his new co-anchor won't steal his show and he was the reason the show was sexy to begin with.

Aww. I actually like these two together.

Melanie gets bored and asks Derwin to go on a date. Derwin figures out that Melanie wants to go out to run into Tasha at the "Drop Bar," which also happens to be where Chardonnay works. 

"You took the woman's fashion show, isn't that enough," Derwin said.

At the "Drop Bar," Tasha is sipping on some drinks and finds out Chardonnay is off duty. She tells the other bartender Chardonnay is probably with "Light-n-Bright" a.k.a Jason and says Chardonnay better be careful because of the way Jason made Kelly crazy.

Then in walks Melanie and Derwin.

"There's Tasha all by herself, getting drunk, with no men in sight. Lonely old troll," Melainie said.

They pass by Tasha who is at the bar and Derwin quickly says "wassup" to her.

"Ain't this about a blip, of all the joints and all the towns and all the worlds, this trick gotta come into mine!" Tasha said to the bartender. 

Tasha calls Melanie desperate, needy and pathetic because she's always around Derwin.

Melanie and Derwin get a table close by the bar and Melanie keeps a close eye on Tasha and gives her the evil eye. 

"I don't even know who you are right now, this is ridiculous I'm out...," Derwin said.

Melanie is sitting there drinking wine and starring at Tasha. She tells Derwin she has to win. But Derwin said he's not playing her stupid, little games anymore.

The server comes out and tells Tasha and Melanie that the restaurant is closing up and he has to lock up. Neither lady wants to be the first to leave but finally Melanie said she'll be the bigger person and she walks out first, but not before she can rub her big  tip in Tasha's face. Then Tasha tips the server and says hers is bigger.

These two just need to squash it and becomes friends again, their beef is so wack.

What did you think of last nights episode?