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WTF Wednesdays!: Kids Licking Chicken Pox Infested Lollipops (SMH)

After reading this article I had a bad taste in my mouth and the illest WTF look on my face...

So, everyone has heard of the potential dangers of adult chicken pox, now some parents are forcing their children to catch it?

ABC posted an article back in Nov. 2011 entitled "Parents Warned About Mail Order Chicken Pox Lollipops" which I read on BElievably Me and there are actually parents out there who ordered special lollipops called "Pox Pops."

I'm a year late finding out about this news but continue to read on...

"Pox Pops" are infected by kids with the chicken pox who have licked the pops already - this in turn helps expose the uninfected child to the pox so the parent can control when their kid(s) catch it. 

Are you getting this???

There are some parents out there who make their kids lick lollipops that are already licked by other kids, the lollipops have chicken pox infected saliva on it!

Besides the fact that chicken pox is sure to be on the lollipop, other germs may be chilling on their as well!


Why oh why would parents just send their kids in to get sick? Let the chicken pox come naturally instead of throwing your own child to the wolves!

People seriously have issues and this is something I would never understand.

Read the rest of the article HERE about the other weird things parents do so their kids can get chicken pox, the dangers in this and also how these bizarre ways are illegal.


  1. Lol! Oh the way parents show their love for their kids.....ugh!


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