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Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her Skinny Stomach (Photo)

Jennifer Hudson has been slimming down like crazy thanks to Weight Watchers in which she is the latest celebrity spokesperson. 

Check out a couple of her recent pictures that she tweeted (shown below); with one pic showing off her tiny midsection! And are those abs I see!?

She of course still has the haters who are a little sketchy of her recent weight loss, but Jennifer responds right back to them on Twitter and promotes Weight Watchers every step of the way.

Don't hate on her! Show it off Jennifer!

Tweeted on Jan.23

 Jennifer Hudson 

 and what does bulimia have to do with me, Absolutely nothing. I do weight watchers!

Tweeted on Feb. 2

 Jennifer Hudson 

Weight Watchers is the greatest thing ever created but.... U gotta share n track a point! It's is everything !


  1. People are haters and no matter whet she did, somebody would have had something to say.

    1. she got into twitter beef with a random person sometimes celebs do respond. I guess she got tired of people talking crap and she went hood lol

    2. Good cuz why do people care sooooo much?! Get a life and leave her be.


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