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Nicki Minaj: "Stupid Hoe" Video Banned on BET & 'Juicy' Magazine Cover Photo

I like Nicki Minaj and even though she rapped about stupid hoes in one of her newest songs (mostly aimed at Lil' Kim) this video was just a stupid mess. 

I'm guessing BET agreed. They recently banned her "Stupid Hoe" video.

According to TMZ:

"Don't expect to catch Nicki Minaj's latest music video "Stupid H*e" on BET -- because TMZ has learned the network is REFUSING to air it. 

We spoke with a rep for BET who wouldn't specify exactly why the network has banned the video -- simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it. 

But sources a the company tell us, the ban was put in place because the video's just too explicit for TV.

The song lyrics alone are bad enough -- repeating the phrase "stupid h*e" dozens of times -- but the video itself is damn raunchy too, showing several nearly naked female figures. Normally this is where we'd post the video ... but in this case, just Google it." 

***Well I didn't ban the video on my blog, in fact watch it HERE and judge the video for yourself. 

This song kind of reminds me of the Big Sean remix she was featured on for "Dance (A$$)" in which they repeatedly say a** over and over again.

Nicki on the cover of JUICY magazine for the March/April 2012 issue