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Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check Special Recap & The Next Season is Confirmed

Last season of Love & Hip Hop wrapped up with a traditional reunion show but because the cast members refused to be in the room with one another, everyone had one on one interviews with the shows Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young where they answered questions about this explosive season and talked about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

This episode was called "a real look of reality TV."

I'm going to recap each individual interview in the order that each cast member appeared:

Jim Jones

We quickly saw how Jim and Yandy's working relationship dissolved in front of the cameras. 

Jim spoke on that and he said during his interview that Chrissy comes first. He also said there is no going back, his relationship with Yandy is over.

"...I don't need a manager that puts my business in the streets," Jim said.

Jim said he only did reality television because Chrissy wanted to. 

We then saw behind the scene footage of Jim shutting down on the production team, so Jim spoke about reality TV and said:

"The good part (of reality TV) is the commercial you get from it. The bad part is the way they put you in front of the camera and put your business out there and twirl a bunch of drama around it. The ugly part is everything that comes with it afterwards, especially if it's not beneficial," he said.

Jim respects the drama because it makes good TV.

"Well this isn't the type of show I wanted to be a part of and I can only imagine what the third season is going to a part of and that one I'm going to tune into because the drama is not going to be about me," Jim said with a chuckle.



Emily signed on to do Love & Hip Hop to get attention from her boyfriend Fabolous. Her goal was also to show the world that she was Fabolous' girlfriend after eight years of being hidden in the dark.

Emily was asked, "What was it like being face-to-face with the face of Fab's infidelities? 

Emily said prior to meeting Kimbella, the two met before that at a party and they have a mutual friend.

The camera then switched to Kimbella's interview with Mona and Kimbella said Emily is lying, she never met Emily or would hang out with her.

Emily said she talked to Fabolous about the Kimbella situation and he said him and Kimbella had a form of sex but not sexual intercourse and he said they didn't date.

Hmm mmm...

Emily also revealed that she's currently dating Fabolous, he claims her now and now when the two go out Emily is sometimes the bigger star that people recognize.


Juelz Santana and Kimbella were supposed to appear on the show together but according to Mona, Juelz got cold feet about the show and his relationship with Kimbella.

Kimbella is currently pregnant as we learned during the shows finale. This will be Juelz and Kimbella's second child together and Kimbella said right now they are not together but they're trying to figure out where they stand.

"If a man loves you, he should never be disloyal to you, he should keep it real and keep his d*ck in his pants, like what is the problem? ...He'll be 30 this year, this is the time to be a man and do the right thing...," Kimbella said.


Known as the "Queen B" of the show, Chrissy was convinced that she was being set up on the show during numerous occasions.

There were a lot of behind the scenes action that the viewers didn't know about and the personal beef between her and Yandy. 

Chrissy felt like she was being pushed into situations that was good for TV but bad for her and she made it clear she was unhappy with Mona. 

In fact, things got so tense between the two that Chrissy was the only cast member to not do an interview with Mona. Instead Mona's partner, Stephen Springsteen interviewed Chrissy.

Chrissy spoke on her engagement to Jim and said she couldn't even enjoy it because in less than 24 hours, she was later put in a room full of madness, as she calls it -  the fight we saw between her and Yandy that took place in the club.

Outside of the reality TV, their lives sill continue off the camera's and Chrissy didn't like how her life was playing out and being portrayed on the show.

"...And that is why I may not be doing a season 3," Chrissy said.

Things got so hectic in Miami that Chrissy at one point quit the show momentarily. She didn't like that Mona kept sticking her and Yandy in the same room with each other but Stephen said the cameras had to follow the two.

Chrissy hasn't seen Yandy since then. She said she doesn't know what will happen if the two ever cross paths.


The question we all wanted to know was asked:

"Have you and Jim ever slept together?"

Yandy answered "no" but somehow she still managed to get under Chrissy's skin as the season moved on.

Yandy was originally brought on to the show since she was Jim's manager and then Yandy's role got expanded and there might have been some sort of jealousy on Chrissy's part because the show was "Chrissy's thing."

During a green screen interview, Chrissy went in on Yandy and even said, "b*tch you're on my show...bow down."

Chrissy thought Yandy would just come on the show to represent Jim and expand his brand, she didn't know Yandy would be a part of every incident.

It was revealed that Jim even wanted Yandy to quit the show at one point because Chrissy felt like Yandy was doing too much.

"She traded her managerial had in for reality TV, so there you have stop asking me about Yandy," Chrissy said to Stephen. 

LOL! He just starred on and had nothing to say.

Mama Jones

Fan favorite, Mama Jones is doing just fine with her "Psychotic B*tch" tee shirt line and she said the "Physchotic B*tch" line is coming out soon.

"Nicki Minaj ain't got nothing on you," Mona said to Mama Jones when she first came out.

I was like STOP IT! Lol.

Mama Jones spoke on her little beef with Olivia and said, "if she ever put her name in my mouth, bad day for her."

Mama Jones said she just doesn't like Olivia. Well, Olivia said she doesn't care.


Olivia doesn't think VH1 did a good job capturing her life. She said at times she was portrayed on screen as pathetic.

Olivia said her mom was hurt over her comments when she revealed her personal family life. But, Olivia and her mother talked it out, so at least they're talking now.

The one thing us viewers always wanted to know: Is Olivia and Rich more than friends?

Olivia said "no," Rich and her are best friends and they have a good bond.

During the season, Olivia wouldn't take sides during the Chrissy and Yandy fight. Well, now Olivia stated her opinion and took a stance. Mona asked Olivia, who does she feel is in the wrong after now seeing the whole season. 

Olivia said Chrissy was wrong because Yandy didn't want any issues and she liked Chrissy in the beginning. 

Uh oh! Chrissy won't like that answer! Lol.

And also, Olivia finally signed a deal and she is very happy with the money she is making.



In season 2, Somaya held her tongue more and just got along with everyone except for her former manager Maurice who she fired in the beginning of the season.

Mona said Somaya didn't have an opinion on anything and she was only focused on her brand so VH1 focused on other cast members. This in turn caused Somaya's camera time to shrink.

Somaya said when she was filmed living in attic the cameras were on her but now that she got her sh*t together, they don't want to show it.

"The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn't real," Somaya stated.

She said she went on a date with Swift and was told that their date would be filmed but it wasn't. Somaya got made when Mona told her that she didn't give her anything real to work with so they followed other cast members.

"...Go ahead, I'm not mad, you acting like I'm mad b*tch! I don't give a f*ck!" Somaya said to Mona.

"Why are you calling me a b*tch?" Mona responded.

Somaya went on about how unhappy she was with her small role on the show and she winded up apologizing to Mona after her interview.


Erica was introduced midway through Love & Hip Hop. She's an actress, a model and she's affiliated with Fat Joe's Terror Squad and she also beefed a lot with Kimbella throughout this season.

After Erica's fight with Kimbella, Erica said she was edited to look bad during that episode. But, Mona said Erica was mean from the jump.

Erica started crying and said she wants people to think there is more to her, she said she's not this angry person. Teairra Mari?

Well, I'm not sure if Chrissy and Jim will return for another season of Love & Hip Hop, but it has been confirmed that the show will be in a new city with a whole new cast: Love & Hip Hop in Atlanta so stay tuned for that!

What did you think of this Reality Check Special?