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Ray J Talks About Whitney Houston and "KK" in His New Book

The man who is responsible for boosting Kim Kardashian up to the person she is today, is now coming out with a book. 

Ray J was recently interviewed on The Insider to promote his book "Death of a Cheating Man" where he gives advice on women on how to keep a man. 

He said he wrote the book because he's going through a growth process in his life. This is not a tell-all book Ray J said, but things about his past relationships are revealed.

In the book he talks about a woman named "KK" and says he was hypnotized by her sex. ("KK" obviously stands for Kim Kardashian.)

He also spoke about Whitney Houston and said their relationship is blown out of proportion. Ray J called Whitney "his people." He did this interview right before Whitney Houston passed. 

Ray J was asked some hard hitting direct questions, like about being romantically involved with Whitney, but Ray J still just said Whitney was his friend.

I'm like, is this dude really trying to give out relationship advice - Ray J stop it! Lol. 

Will you be buying this book? 

Click the link below to watch his interview:


  1. Lol ummmm probably will not be buying it unless its one of the free kindle books lol.


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