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Tell It Tuesdays: Alone on the Dreaded V-Day?

Wanted: This print in our home. Photo:

***Remember, today isn't the only day to say "I love you" or buy flowers, but Valentines Day is a celebration of love, a day on top of all the other days that we acknowledge the ones we love in our lives. 

I've been reading some bitter tweets on my timeline as Valentines Day approached. Tweets like, "eff love" or "eff Valentine's Day."

This day is not only for couples. No one should be bitter and alone on Valentine's Day, pick yourself up, buy your family Valentine gifts and show them how much you appreciate them. Or, buddy up with a friend and hang out.

This year it is all about the personalized gift. Yea the usual flowers, candy and teddy bears are cute, but if you really have a connection with somebody and know their interests then treat them to something special, something you know that they'll really love, something that shows you're thoughtful.

And don't forget to treat yourself and go shopping. Buy your own Valentine Day presents. 

Ladies, this is the best time to catch some deals, especially right after Valentines Day when a lot of items will be marked down so stores can get rid of the merchandise. Buy that lingerie, those socks or those cute little knickknacks for yourself.