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Terrance J Says, "Stop Killing People on Twitter!"

Terrance J, the host of 106 & Park, couldn't have said it better yesterday when he told twitterers out there to stop killing people on Twitter!

This comment came after Terrance congratulated Chris Brown on his recent Grammy win. While on that topic he addressed the R.I.P Chris Brown trend that he saw on Twitter.

"For everybody out there with a Twitter account, we have to be responsible with what we tweet," Terrance said.

I've personally seen R.I.P Drake and a R.I.P Adele on Twitter and even a R.I.P Soulja Boy, but people were saying R.I.P to his music.

Terrance said he woke up the other night to the R.I.P Chris Brown Twitter trend and almost had a heart attack. But, when he clicked on the trend he saw R.I.P meant 'Really Interesting Person' or 'Really Important Person,'... "something immature like that," Terrance called the trend. 

"Listen guys, if you have a Twitter account out there, please do not tweet stuff like that," Terrance said.

"Twitter murdered more people than a serial killer. We can't use our Twitter's for that."

Ain't that the truth!

He made it clear that Chris Brown is alive and well, in fact he's enjoying his Grammy win.

"Lets stop murdering people on Twitter," Terrance concluded.

I concur.


  1. I personally wish people would leave Chris Brown alone. Other celebs who have won WAY more awards have done WAY more that isnt respectable and we still act like they are the best thing since sliced bread. He won a Grammy, not a Humanitarian award. He earned it. Move on people.


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