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WTF Wednesdays!: Man Has a Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill Restaurant

A 40-something-year-old man visited a restaurant named Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas over the weekend and he actually suffered a heart attack while eating a burger named "Triple Bypass Burger."

This chain restaurant is known for their fatty, high calorie food. Luckily for the man he's recovering in the hospital and is still alive.

Read the full story HERE.

Why would one even attempt to eat that burger, let alone eat at a place named "Heart Attack Grill"? 

I don't even know. But, you wouldn't catch me there clogging up my arteries. This is not worth dying for.


  1. I saw this place on TV. I think they even wheel you out in a wheelchair if you get a certain meal and finish it lol. They have "flatliner fries" lol.

    1. Everytime I talk about this story or write about it my throat starts to feel's so gross, I don't get why people would do that to themselves smh


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