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Bad Girls Club: One Bad Girl Bounces and it Becomes Four Against Two

Episode 9: "Evil Pair"

The Twins get pissed when they realize someone stole their makeup.

"I see a huge explosion coming," Amy said.

The Twins think Erica stole their makeup, they snoop through her stuff and find their eye shadow in one of her bags. Dani said she won't confront Erica about it, instead they'll just plot against her.

Elease see's The Twins go through Erica's belongings and she whispers to Erica that The Twins accused her of stealing makeup and told her they looked through her stuff.

Erica said they all borrow each others items and she didn't steal anything.

"I just don't trust anyone in this house," Dani said. 

Gabi decides it's time tell Demetria later on that she was the one who broke her necklace and she said she'll throw in Erica and Gia.

Later on, petty arguments happen between Demetria and The Twins when Demetria yells about almost slipping on body wash in the shower. She hates how the house is so messy.

Then she starts to thinking whether she wants to be in the house or not.

Amy decides to go out and party with The Twins, no one else wants to go. She said hanging out with people looks guilty by association, but just because she hangs out with The Twins doesn't mean she's friends with them. 

Back at home, Elease marks an 'X' on The Twins pictures...this is sure to stir up drama later. 

On the limo ride back, The Twins plot to go home and stir up trouble by telling Demetria they broke her necklace.

They gain "liquid courage," as Erica calls it and as soon as they step in the house, The Twins start screaming at the top of their lungs to wake everyone up. Then they see the big "X" drawn over their picture and they go crazy. They both go to everyone's room to confront them about the X and no one confesses to marking the photo, this further pisses The Twins off.

Gabi confronts Demetria while she's in the bed trying to sleep. Demetria screams at them and said she didn't do anything.

Gabi yells out, "You wanna know who broke your Mars chain? I did b*tch and so did Erica and so did Gia."

The Twins yell that they're there to stay in the house and make everyone's life miserable and said the house is lame since no one tried to fight them.

"I genuily hate them, this is way pass dislike. This is some anger type hate," Demetria said.

She calls her mother and tells her she wishes she was home and said the Bad Girls Club experience isn't what she thought it would be.

The doorbell rings and a note is left for the girls telling them they're going to Cabo, Mexico. 

As they're packing up, Demetria can't find her passport and realizes she left her passport at home. So she decides to go back home to Miami instead of staying in the house by herself.

"Get me out of hear, bye. F*ck Las Vegas, f*ck this house, f*ck all of it," she said.

Demetria says her goodbye's and is relieved she's going home. She didn't even do anything after finding out Gabi broke her chain! C'mon Demetria!

The Twins realize they didn't even have to do anything to get Demetria out of the house.

In Cabo, Erica said she feels the positive energy in the air...but of course that doesn't last for long...this is a bad girls trip!

 Amy said she is not the one to take sides and she hangs out with Elease, Erica and Gia during the trip and they all go on a booze cruise and later swim with dolphins.

The Twins get pissed and said they won't talk to Amy anymore. They decide to isolate themselves and get their own room and do their own thing while on vacation.

They feel that the girls are gonna try and jump them, it's four verses two, and now they're scared something is gonna go down.

 Later on, everyone - minus Erica - goes out to the club. The Twins ignore Amy, Gia and Elease in the limo on the ride there and at the club...until the ride home. 

"I'm tired of The Twins, I'm sick of looking at them...being in the limo with The Twins is so annoying. I would rather just knock them in the face and get it over with," Amy said. 

 Amy decides to confront them and she asked The Twins if they think they're trying to run sh*t. An explosive argument happens and Amy gets hyped up when everyone returns home.

Next thing you know The Twins are talking to The Producer and said it's unfair that it's four against two. The Producer tells The Twins that they got a taste of their own medicine and they can't handle it. He decides to put them in a hotel for the night so they can clear their heads.

The Twins basically were scarred to stay in the house because they're out numbered.

Erica calls home for some advice and her mom tells Erica straight up to prepare for the day when she has to beat up The Twins. She tells Erica so what if she goes home, she won't be a punk.

Next week: It looks like the girls will gang up on The Twins and fight them! Is this long over do?


  1. I'm so fu*******ckin glad the twins finally got there ass BEAT !!!! GOOD GOooooooooooooooooooooD.


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