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Basketball Wives: Evelyn Pops Off on Jennifer at Shaunie's Birthday Dinner, Toasting Gone Wrong

Episode 5 Recap:

Will these two ever be friends again?

This week on Basketball Wives, the ladies are back in sunny Miami...

Evelyn and Tami fill Shaunie in on last weeks fiasco between Tami and Keisha. Evelyn believes Kenya has them fooled and they don't know what to believe about her.

Shaunie tells the ladies she's having a birthday dinner and drops the bomb on Evelyn that she's inviting her ex-bestie Jennifer

Evelyn said, "I don't expect for everybody to stop being friends with Jennifer because I'm not f*cking with her ya know, it is what it is, do I care to be around her? No. But it's Shaunie's birthday dinner so I'ma be there because I'm really the girlfriend, Jennifer is not."

Tami said she hopes they have some form of "entertainment" at Shaunie's birthday party.

Evelyn meets with Baby, from Cash Money to talk business about the launch of her book which is about her ex, she says it's going to be juicy.

Keisha picks up Royce and Suzie and they head to Keisha's family farm in North Carolina to learn more about Keisha's upbringing.

"My first impression when we pull up on the farm is they live in East, East bumblef*ck plus 150 miles," Suzie said.

Royce said, "When we got to the farm and we're meeting Keisha's family...I'm like wow, she is really half white."

"It was very, very difficult growing up in such a small town, half white, half black only raised in a white family," Keisha said.

Keisha explained that she didn't really know about her black side, because her father wasn't really in her life at all.

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Keisha fills in Royce about the drama that happened between her and Tami and how she talked to Evelyn first.

Royce said Evelyn was trying to start drama and she said she's going to talk to Tami about the situation. 

Later, Royce meets up with Tami and thinks she has a misconception about the way Keisha is. She tells Tami it was wrong of her to call Keisha a b*tch.

"I don't care what she told you Royce," Tami said. 

Tami thinks Royce has compassion for Keisha since she went to North Carolina to meet her family and learned Keisha didn't get to know her black side.

"I'm saying girl we all have issues, don't nobody give a f*ck about me, so I don't give a damn about Keisha in this moment," Tami said.

Jennifer spends some time with Kenya to see what she's about and the two dress shop for Shaunie's birthday dinner. 

Later on, Tami meets up with Jennifer. She feels like she's been alienated from her since the split with Evelyn. Tami feels some type of way not being invited to Jennifer's makeup launch in last weeks episode.

Jennifer said it must have slipped her mind and she apologized. Tami thinks Jennifer and Evelyn should get together and talk but Jennifer doesn't think that is a good idea.

And it wasn't.

During Shaunie's birthday dinner, not only did Evelyn and Jennifer argue, but so did Tami and Suzie! 

But first, Evelyn walks in and gives everyone kisses and hugs except for Jennifer and right away there is tension at the table. Drinks keep flowing and Suzie slips up and says the wrong thing while making a toast.

Shaunie is shocked at Suxie's comments
She said, "Shaunie and our bank accounts say 'happy birthday Shaunie." Right Tami? Off of food stamps?"

Tami said, "I instantly thought how long would it take me to shimmy down this table and choke the sh*t out of her?"

A tipsy Suzie walks over to Tami and tried to make up to her but Tami was pissed and wasn't trying to hear it.

"B*tch I know where I came from but you need to understand where the f*ck you came from cause don't let me start telling your sh*t b*tch," Tami said to Suzie.

Towards the end of the episode, an emotional Evelyn makes a toast to Shaunie and adds in that she loves Shaunie for being real and loyal and said even with the Hollywood life Shaunie never changed. 

Now you know some of these words were a message to Jennifer but Jennifer sat there playing on her phone throughout Evelyn's toast.

Jennifer gets up to make her toast to Shaunie, which turns into a direct message to Evelyn when she says, " I know some people look at me like I'm a changed person but life is about advancement and I'm going through a different phase in my life."

Evelyn stands up and says she has another toast...oh boy.

She toasts to loyalty and to not talking sh*t about your friends on blogs and being there for each other through thin and thick.

"Lets add not being disrespectful as well," Jennifer adds.

Evelyn gets mad at Jennifer's comment and said its coming her way. 

"You're the fakest b*tch at the table, just like the motherf*cking contacts in your eyes b*tch, pop them out and see whats real," Evelyn screams.
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Shaunie says it's time to go.

And then the 'B' word gets thrown back and forth between Evelyn and Jennifer. Evelyn screams at Jennifer "you're not about this life" and as Shaunie is trying to guide Evelyn out of the restaurant, Evelyn manages to hit Jennifer with her clutch purse. 

Jennifer stands up, tired of being bullied by Evelyn and she yells back at her.

Evelyn screams out, "I wil f*cking hurt that b*tch."

Well, there goes Tami's form of entertainment that she was hoping for.


  1. I saw the preview for Monday's episode and I couldn't wait to see what went down. I had to stay late at school so I missed it. My co-worker at DISH told me all about the drama that went down. I couldn't wait to go home and see for myself. I went to my computer at home, logged into DISH Online and was watching instantly. I couldn't believe Suzie and her remarks about Tami and Kesha's family location. She got on my nerves but Evelyn went buck wild at Shaunie's party. I would have been embarrassed.

  2. evelyn needs to sit her dumb ass down she needs to look at her self and slap her self and what does she mean jen is not about this life jen was born in the life you whored your way in

  3. evelyn needs to be kicked off the show she is embarassing jen was born in the life evelyn whored her way in


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