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'La La's Full Court Life' Premiere Recap: The Ladies Address Cheating Men and Strip Clubs

Episode 1: Miss Trust


Last season La La and her family had to make do with moving to New York after Carmelo was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks.

Now the couple is all settled in the city and she's back with all new episodes of La La's Full Court Life along with her sidekicks Po and Dice.

Since the NBA lockout La La said you would think things would have settled down but they haven't. Between both of their busy schedules, her and Carmelo haven't been spending a lot of time together.

"But thank God for technology, between Skyping and sexting and texting and sex Skyping - is that even a word? - it keeps us occupied," she said.

La La does a photo shoot for her makeup line Motives.

Power 105 radio personality Charlamagne rolls through and chills with La La.

"I like Charlamagne because he's everything I'm not. He says a lot of time what everyone is thinking but just doesn't have the guts to say," she said.

Asani "Director of Operations" is someone La La hired to work for Carmelo and she spends a lot of time around the family.

"Who is shorty with the glasses name?" Charlamgne asked La La's friend Po. "Who is she? So she travels with them all the time?"

Po answered yes and Charlamagne made a face and said "wow."

Po told Charlamagne not to be like that because Asani is a good girl.

Charlamagne jokes and says it is very noble of La La to have a contractor side chick to be with Carmelo while he's on the road.

Later on at a dinner, La La talks amongst her friends about ways to keep a man interested; like naked pictures, lap dances and strip clubs.

Charlamagne calls the strip club a man spa and Dice said she see's a lot of couples going together.

"Do you go there because you want to have sex," La La asked Charlamagne.

He answered, "I had sex with one's not that big of a deal." 

He then talks about Carmelo and says how men should go, "especially if he's traveling. If he's in Atlanta he's supposed to go to the strip club, cuz that's where the rest of the team is probably going and why wouldn't he want to go with them?"

La La said, who wants to think about men cheating when her man is on the road and she hasn't seen him in 16 days. 

"I think its known that athletes have women around them and go out and there's people trying to get to them everywhere. So all I can do is trust Melo until he gives me a reason not too," La La said.

Dice fills in La La about the conversation they had about Asani earlier. La La doesn't believe the hype and doesn't think anything is going on between Asani and Carmelo. 

Later on, La La has girl talk with Kelly Rowland and the strip club convo pops up again.

Kelly said, "I wouldn't have a problem with my man if he goes. I think women should actually go with their men."

La La said, "If Melo goes to a strip club it doesn't bother me, as long as it's done in moderation. You gotta let people go out and have fun, if you don't trust the person you're with then why are you with them?"

Still on the strip club issue, La La hires a professional stripper to learn more about the industry and to learn some sexy moves that she can show to her man.

"If I feel good and confident and sexy, that's only gonna make my marriage to Melo even better," she said.

The ladies also tell La La she should never hire a cute, sexy girl to work for her man. La La said she hired the Asani off of her character and morals and didn't think of her looks as an issue.

During a photo shoot for La La's son, Kiyan who is posing as the face of Jordan Kids, Asani walks in with Carmelo. 

La La is kind of giving the two of them the side eye throughout the photo shoot. What everyone is saying about Asani starts to weigh a little heavy on La La. 

 "So many things in life can be clarified with one conversation," La La said and she decides to have a one-on-one conversation with Asani. 

She straight out asks her, "are you messing with my man?"

With La La and Asani's relationship, Asani is able to laugh her question off and said no, Melo is like her brother and she could never see him as more than that. 

Asani also said, it frustrates me because it makes me think you can't be beautiful and have some level of integrity. We always had a great relationship but it always seems like the outside is making it something that it's not."

La La shouldn't have to doubt her trust for Carmelo and said her husband wouldn't do anything like that. 

What did you think of the season 2 premiere episode?

La La and Carmelo seem good for now, but throughout the season it looks as if the rumors are turned up a notch and La La faces more gossip and trust issues. 

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