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Comedian Michael Blackson was Hilarious!

Last Saturday I went to Caroline's Comedy Club in New York and saw the funny Michael Blackson, the "African King of Comedy."

Known for his saying, "Mudasucka," you may remember Blackson as one of the comedians who performed on BET's Comic View.

He performed at Caroline's all last weekend and also  with other comedians at Madison Square Garden.

From someone who has seen Kevin Hart and Bill Bellamy perform, I underestimated Michael Blackson even though I've watched him perform on TV plenty of times before. He is indeed very funny and his stand up material had me rollin' for almost a good hour!

He covered all sorts of topics; his love for big women, being a starving African, cheating and relationships, he sung the Star Spangled Banner and even cracked on some of the audience members. 

For anyone looking for a good comedy show, I recommend seeing Michael Blackson. 

WARNING: He does curse a lot but he will crack you up! Below is a video that someone posted of him performing at Caroline's (if you can even hear the jokes over all the laughter).