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Suge Knight Says Tupac May Still Be Alive

One big question has circulated since the killing of Tupac - besides who killed him - people have been asking is Tupac really dead?

His West Coast buddy, former Death Row Records boss, Suge Knight suggests that Tupac is still alive and may just be in hiding.

Rapper Suge Knight addressed the question during a radio interview with 93.5 KDAY Radio in Los Angeles days after Tupac's hologram performed at the Coachella festival.

 “Nobody seen Tupac dead. Maybe the question is ... Pac's not really dead ... Pac's somewhere else," Suge said.

Suge was with Tupac on the night he was gunned down in 1996 in Les Vegas.

Also, according to TMZ, Suge was furious over the Tupac hologram and said the people who created it screwed up one major detail.

He told TMZ that the 3D Tupac image was missing the rapper's famous Death Row Records chain.

Watch Tupac hologram perform HERE.

Suge said, "At the end of the day, how you gonna take the Death Row chain off Pac? That's like taking the Raiders symbol off the Raiders."