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La La's Full Court Life: "Black Girls Have Bad Attitudes"

Black Women: "They have attitude!"

Well, this isn't the first time I've heard a topic of conversation like this...

The issue of race gets brought up in yesterday's La La's Full Court Life show in the "Race Under Fire" episode. 

After La La exercises with her friend and boxer instructor, Hollywood Hino they all go out to lunch. La La grabs Hino's phone and see's only one kind of girl as she scrolls through his pictures... only white girls, she points out.

So he asks, "What's wrong with the white girls?"

La La goes on to say he's such an attractive black man and asks him why isn't he ever with a black chick.

Hino's response: "They attitude."

Oh no! And the discussion continues.

Hino has looped his one or two bad past experiences of dating black women into thinking the whole black female race is this "bad attitude" stereotype. He now prefers not to date black women.

"What makes a black girl have an attitude?" La La's friend asks.

Hino responds, "I don't know. I think sometimes they just want to argue for no reason."

La La says, "Are you for real? You can't identify the whole culture as being that."

Hino talks about white women and says, "They're easier to deal with and they're more open. You know, something adventurous... let's go skiing or skydiving."

 La La's friend says, "This is cultural, we (black women) don't grow up skydiving and we're not gonna take no dumb a** chance like that."

Hollywood Hino
Hino says, "You only have one life to live and you wanna try these things and I wanna try these things. Black girls don't wanna do stuff like that."

La La says this offends black women and black women want to show they're a good catch.

So Hino goes on to say, "Some don't even deserve to be a diva, they think they're divas, ya know. If you're gonna be a diva at least back it up."

He thinks black girls don't sky dive, swim and aren't adventurous in the bedroom (having threesomes).

Later on, La La tells more of her friends about Hino's thoughts on dating black women and they said they hate hearing stuff like that, it pisses them off and said it's disrespectful.

"Women are gonna be women whether you're yellow, green, purple, black whatever it's just about the type of person and chemistry you have," one of La La's friends say.

Later on, La La brings up the 'dating black females' topic to her very controversial friend, Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne. 

Charlamagne dates black women and he says women will be as freakier as you make them, it doesn't matter what race they are. 

He goes on to say, "I mean black girls do have bad attitudes sometimes. But I think it's black women being strong and standing up for themselves and not taking a lot of B.S. and me personally, that don't bother me at all..."

Towards the end of the show, La La wants to prove to Hino that black women are everything that he says they're not. 

La La said there are black women out there who are adventurous and take risks and she decides to show him herself by bringing her buddies Dice and Po along to trapeze in the air.

Dice backs out and Hino says she is the un-adventurous black woman he is talking about. La La takes it upon herself to trapeze for all black women. 


My thoughts on Hino's comments....

I'm a black woman and you can't please everyone. If Hino doesn't like black women then who cares. I'm so sick and tired of hearing the 'black women have attitudes' and people being stuck on stereotypes. 

I don't have a problem with interracial dating but Hino's comments kinda pissed me off. How can you judge a whole race by only dating a couple of people within that race? I've dated an Italian and my relationship went horribly, but that doesn't mean I'm x'ing out all Italian men  because of one guy I dated. 

People like Hino, you can't change their opinions and what they think because they already have their mind made up on the issue. And the issue is he thinks all black women have attitudes. So sad.

I think it's unfortunate for him or anyone else to view a whole race in such a negative way. They could actually be missing out on a great person. 


  1. Ummm...I don't think hardly anyone grows up skydiving. So it's kind of a poor reason for why you don't want to participate in something.

  2. I actually know Hino and seeing the show was pretty sad, but what really has me heated is the fact that he followed up with insults on his facebook page. If he just said that he loved white women that is fine, but to take the opportunity to throw your Black women under the bus on national tv, just shows the white folks how ignorant our black men are. You have AFRICA tatooed on your back and claim to represent the continent, and you just told every little black girl in Africa that they are not good enough! Then we wonder why they want to bleach their skin and all the madness to get rid of their blackness. Because of people like HINO that have just told 4.5 million people that they are not good enough shame on your HINO. Just remember, NEW YORK dissed Flavor for her show and where is she now! nuff said!!

  3. His name is Hollywood Hino for God's sake. Its all for show. He knows what he is doing and is really entertaining. If you really know him, you'd know that that's not the person he really is.


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