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Bad Girls Club Reunion Part II Recap: Gabi and Erica Make Up Leaving Dani Pissed Off

We're back this week with part II of the Bad Girls Club reunion which kicked off with an argument between Erica and The Twins. Erica told Dani to raise up at her and as she walked over, Gabi put her hands out to stop Erica from approaching her sister. Erica sat back down and said she actually liked Gabi.

Dani yelled out to Erica, "You're an undercover hoe that sucks d*ck for red bottoms."

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Tanisha brought up the flip-flopping that took place in the house between the girls and she called Erica and Gia the flip-floppers. Gabi said her and Erica's relationship was a roller coaster ride. 

While watching old footage, Amy, Demetria and Elease found out that Erica was behind the idea to lock them out when all the girls went on vacation.

 "Half of that I don't remember, I'm just now watching all that sh*t now," Erica said. 

Tanisha asked Elease if she trusted Erica and Gia after watching the footage.

Elease said, "I was born at night but not last night."

Tanisha told Erica she wasn't a fan of hers at first while watching this season but then she saw improvement in her.

"When I heard your life story I understood where the hurt came from... and you know what, I can relate to that. And Erica that's real and I like that," Tanisha said. "Now I like you."

Tanisha asked the other girls if the beef was squashed between The Twins and everyone seemed to be over it but Gia wasn't buying it. She said The Twins will probably log unto Twitter right after the reunion and start talking sh*t.

The last bad girl made her way out...Jenna. 

She said she was thoroughly embarrassed to be on the show with a bunch of train wrecks. Her name calling didn't quite sit well with Gia and she started to take her shoes off and raise up.

"I don't want to do the fighting thing," Jenna said.

Gia said back, "Well you better stop disrespecting me on this stage."

No fights here though. Gia sat right back down.

Tanisha thought if Jenna would have stayed longer in the house then her and Amy would've gotten in a lot of trouble together. They were like two peas in a pod.

Jenna said before she came to the house she left her real job as a social worker and Gia and Erica laughed at her. 

Tanisha asked The Twins what was their beef with Jenna. They straight up said Jenna was annoying.

Jenna said after watching herself on the last couple of shows she stopped drinking for a couple of months.

Camilla said why complain about someone who is partying and felt that if her and Jenna were on the show at the same time they would have partied together.

Tanisha talked about sex and hookups in the house. She asked Elease if she got any pleasure out of rapper Pleasure P. Elease said no, she just flirted and admitted she had a boyfriend while on the show. Elease said her and her man have been together for two years and they're still together.

Camilla added her two cents in and said Elease shouldn't have been straddling a man if she had a boyfriend. 

Camilla also said Elease wanted to date a basketball player and didn't care if she got cheated on. She threw a pillow at Elease and Elease threw one back. Camilla got up and charged at Elease...again! But, security broke them up fast.

"Don't talk mess and can't back it up," Camilla said.

Amy also got action in the house, even though she had Jake, her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend back home. She said her and Jake are still together.

The Twins said Amy made the right choice and broke up with her boyfriend before she went to Vegas so she could do what she wanted. 

Erica said she was homesick and missed her boyfriend, that's why she didn't hook up with anyone in Vegas.

Dani cut in and said, "She (Erica) couldn't get anyone, she's ugly, her chin is big..."

Erica and Gabi missed each other as friends and they hugged each other. Dani was pissed. Erica started tearing and said she had love for Gabi, it was Dani she didn't like.

Dani pointed out that Erica was also involved when they got jumped so she didn't understand why her sister was so forgiving towards Erica.

"If you liked my sister you wouldn't have done her like that b*tch," Dani yelled out.

Gabi interjected and told her sister to "shut the f*ck up" and Dani walked off the stage. Gabi went after her sister and the two argued behind the scenes. Dani said Gabi is supposed to have her back.

"We don't need to leave here talking to any of these girls, I had your back the whole time," Gabi said.

"You don't f*cking know me and you're supposed to be my sister," Dani told her.

The reunion continued on while The Twins argued in the back.

Gia said after the show she saw DJ Matt once, they had sex and then she kicked Matt to the curb.

The Twins joined the girls back on stage and Dani let it be known that she thought the hug between Erica and Gabi was fake.

"At the end of the day it is time for all of us to move on from Bad Girls Club  and do different things," Gabi said.

If The Twins were on the show separately maybe they would have gotten along with the other girls better. It seemed as if they held each other back and turned themselves against the other girls towards the end.

All the girls said they would do the show again...Erica said she would but would be more quite. Jenna said if the season was just like this one then she wouldn't do it again. Dani said she would do the show again, but with "different b*tches." 

"At the end of the day I really don't give a f*ck about anyone on this stage," Dani said.


I thought Part I of the reunion was much more entertaining. Clearly Camilla and Elease have unfinished business. Jenna said every disgusts her and The Twins said this won't be the last time you see them on TV.

Well, that's a wrap for season 8. Bad Girls Club is hitting up Mexico for season 9 which will start airing in July.

Next Monday!! Look out for my BGC post where I'll review all the replacement chicks and point out the weakest, the strongest and the most entertaining throughout all 8 seasons of the Bad Girls Club.

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