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Basketball Wives: Another Trip, More Drama Escalates Between Tami and Kesha

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This weeks episode picks back up with the conversation between Royce and her father and later on the women take their trip to Tahiti.

Last Weeks Recap: The Ladies Plan Their Trip, Jennifer Continues on with the Law Suit, Royce and Her Father Clash

Royce only wants her father to say he's proud of her and not tell her what she's doing wrong, sometimes she doesn't feel good enough.

"I can't get a freakin' hug even when I beg for it sometimes. I just want him to be my dad," Royce said.

Later on, Royce and her boyfriend Dezmon have a pow wow with her father. He questions Dezmon on their relationship and calls Royce needy, she gets pissed off. 

Dezmon said Royce can be a little needy. Royce said she's going to go back to her old ways and be all about herself.

She gets mad and walks away from the table leaving Dezmon and her father to talk among themselves. Dezmon chases after Royce and she starts crying again. 

Royce said she gives Dezmon every piece of her heart and is mad that he said she's needy in front of her dad. 

Dezmon admitted at times he feels overly crowded in his and Royce's relationship.

Tami see's her anger management therapist. She starts off the session saying she's proud of herself and she's been stopping and thinking before her anger takes over. She tells the doctor about her recent argument with Kesha and says she's not proud of the way she addressed the issue.

"In that moment I was thinking 'Tami do not hit this girl'," she told the doc.

Tami also thinks Evelyn should try anger management as well.

"The best thing in the world is to be able to talk to somebody who doesn't know you and for those purposes alone maybe Evelyn should entertain it as well," Tami said.

Evelyn talks to Tami and realizes she goes from one to ten in an argument and says maybe she should try it.

Tami said Kesha is apart of her anger management. She's upset and feels like Kesha should apologize to her and said anger management saved Kesha.

A scene is shown of Evelyn and Chad laying in the bed and she asks him his thoughts on their honeymoon.

He says, "I'm sick man, why you pressuring me."

"I just want to get married and then f*ck...We just need to be together, f*ck that piece of paper."

I guess he's joking.

Before the ladies go on their trip, Tami says she's not looking forward to Tahiti. 

"The problem is when we all get to a confined space out of the country, anything can happen," Tami said. "There's only so much I can take before I burst."

Beautiful Tahiti
Tension starts between Tami and Kesha as soon as the ladies arrive in Tahiti. Kesha supposedly offends Tami when she coughs and doesn't cover her mouth, Tami says doesn't tolerate that from anyone.

"As usual Tami always has a problem with anything that involves me so she had to teach me how to cough," Kesha said.

This trip has a different vibe; Jennifer didn't go, neither did Royce or Kenya. 

Tami hopes Jennifer or Kenya can come and bond with everyone during their Tahiti experience.

Ha, why should they come? For more drama?

Well, later on Suzie drops some news on the ladies and says Jennifer will be coming to Tahiti to join them and she's bringing Kenya! Uh oh.

Shaunie has an idea for the ladies to swim with sharks and stingrays.

"Hell to the nah," Tami says.

Kesha is down but changes her mind at the last minute and doesn't want to swim with the sharks anymore. 

The women get annoyed at how scared Kesha is about everything. 

Kesha gets in the water anyway with a bunch of baby sharks. 

I noticed this was Shaunie's idea but only Kesha and Suzie got in the water.

Afterwards, the ladies all sit together and have shots. Tami indulges in the liquor... not good... and she's sitting next to Kesha. Tami gets so annoyed by Kesha's questions and says she feels like it's an interview.

Then, she lets Kesha know about different comments she's been saying to the other girls about her and she confronts Kesha about it.

"I don't operate on the terms of going behind people's back...I'm a very stand up person," Tami said.

Tami said it was brought to her attention that Kesha said she would go off on her but she didn't want to embarrass her.

Shaunie points out that "Tasmanian Tami" is about to come out.

Tami tells Kesha she's not the b*tch to start with and said no one will respect Kesha because she's scared and says things behind people's back. 

Kesha tells Tami she doesn't want to go off on her.

"You need to watch what the f*ck you say. I'm not that b*tch, I don't play games," Tami said.

More drama continues next week on their trip... of course!

Do you think Tami is a bully or just being straightforward?  


  1. Tami is a stupid-ass fool AND a bully. Who in the world says the word SNITCH at 41 yrs of age. I bet if a stranger smacked her in the face, she would run to the police. Better yet, what would she do if someone attacked her daughters??? Are they supposed to let it go and not press charges?? GET REAL!!! Tami is trying to stay relevant by stirring up trouble, but I'm sick of seeing her on this show.


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