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Basketball Wives: The Ladies Plan Their Trip, Jennifer Continues on with the Law Suit, Royce and Her Father Clash

No one got slapped or hit with anything during this episode...

Evelyn and her assistant/ friend Nia are pissed at the fact that Jennifer is talking to the media about the slapping incident.

Evelyn says, "When you talk too much, you stir the pot and you cause problems and people want to f*ck you up."

Nia said Jennifer welcomed the smack and she doesn't get why she filed a lawsuit and is still talking about it. 

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Tami said Jennifer and Nia's beef doesn't change anything between her and Jennifer's friendship. Evelyn admits when she's angry she doesn't think like the 36-year-old that she is, she's just out for blood. She asks Tami to un-invite Jennifer to the Tahiti trip that is planned.

Tami tells Nia and Jennifer this is a girls trip and it is part of the tradition so Evelyn should just ignore her. Evelyn said she would try her best to be on her best behavior.

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Could a vacation bring the girls closer together? I don't think Jennifer should attend this trip, something is bound to happen. They should just stop planning trips all together.

Suzie meets up with Royce to discuss the trip. Royce doesn't find it appealing to go on a trip where half of the women don't even like her.

"I think for me at this point in my life it's more important for me to be focusing on my career and having something that I have to do versus going on a girls trip that feels like it's going to be a crack fest," Royce said.

I'm with Royce on that one. She really distanced herself and stayed out of the drama this season.

Chad is back home in Miami from the football season and him and Evelyn discuss their wedding plans. Evelyn clears up some things and says they don't want an open relationship.

"What we're saying is, I'm gonna respect my vows, I'm gonna love you forever but I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if I can be with you for 80 years and not be interested in anybody else. I'm lying to you if I told you that," she said.

She asks Chad if he cares whether they have kids or not and he says lets just see how everything goes. Evelyn said she's pretty selfish right now and she wants to focus on her and her career, that's it.

Their relationship is mad chill, like don't worry too much about the future because whose to say if we'll be together - that sorta thing. For Evelyn and Chad it's more lets live in the moment and we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Evelyn wants to plan the wedding list and Chad doesn't want to be stressed and says he doesn't want any part of that. He even says their colors don't have to match in the wedding and he doesn't care about coordinating. 

"People will definitely think we're weird, but I don't care what anyone else thinks," Evelyn said.

Jennifer does a photo shoot for her lip gloss line and Kenya stops by. She tells Kenya that her ex-husband Eric finally called her which was the first time she heard his voice since he threw the drink in her face last season. She said Eric admitted to messing things up between them.

Jennifer also said she has a criminal and civil lawyer to press charges against Nia.

"Once you put your hands on me I really don't have any remorse after that. I don't want money or anything like that from her, but she needs to know what she did was wrong," Jennifer said. 

"I'm not gonna fight you physically but I will slap you with a lawsuit."

She said she has to do what's right and she's fighting back the correct way.

"I have a lot of history with these girls and it's just sad. And this is supposed to be a sisterhood, basketball brought us together. We've all been through hell and back with these guys," Jennifer told Kenya.

Jennifer would love for everyone to get along and she feels that sooner or later someone will have to step up to the plate and be the bigger person.

Evelyn and Tami visit the doctors office to get mammograms. The doctor says, African American women are stricken with a more aggressive type of breast cancer which is harder to treat and cure. It is important to do an annual screening when a woman reaches her 40's.

Towards the end of the episode, Suzie meets up with Jennifer to talk about the upcoming girl trip. 

Jennifer tells Suzie she is most definitely done with Evelyn and there is no going back from that. She doesn't want to ever see Evelyn again in life.

She said, "As grown women who acts like that. That was some animal sh*t."

Royce's father comes to Miami. She said her and her father don't see eye to eye and said he's extremely over protection and still looks at her as daddy's little girl.

He discusses Royce's relationship with Dezmon and asks why can't she date people without getting serious so quickly. 

Royce said she is not a serial dater and is a relationship person. But her father thinks Royce always needs to be with a man all the time.

She does have a different boyfriend every season.

Her father also worries about Royce's child seeing different men walk in and out of Royce's life and she gets pissed and starts crying. 

"You think that's how I am and it sucks," she tells him. 

Royce just wants to be happy with Dezmon but her father is worried about his grandson.