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Basketball Wives: While in Tahiti, Kenya Admits She's Crazy and Jennifer Shuts Down Evelyn

Basketball Wives
All photos via: VH1 Blog
In this weeks episode, the women wrap up their trip to Tahiti ... but before they leave, Jennifer and Kenya join the rest of the pack.

Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn go on a sunset cruise and Tami tells the ladies she is going to try and talk things out with Kesha after the trip.

"We should be able to have an adult conversation without going off...then I'll be able to co-exist with her and things won't be ugly, ugly," Tami said.

As the ladies are sailing by, they spot Jennifer from a distance sitting outside of her bungalow. Instead of screaming out, they decide to act like they don't see her.

"... My blood pressure definitely goes right back up," Evelyn said

Suzie meets up with Jennifer later and catches her up on the Kesha and Tami gossip and says Kesha left the trip early. Jennifer said Kesha isn't built for all the craziness and drama. 

"This place is so peaceful... we shouldn't be fighting anywhere, we're grown women we should be able to talk out our differences without it being anything crazy..."

But will Jennifer talk things out with Evelyn? ...

She tells Suzie she doesn't want to talk to Evelyn, doesn't even want her name mentioned and she's lawyered up with some "bad a** lawyers." 

Suzie asks Jennifer if she's worried that all the lawyers and stuff will just make the situation worse with Evelyn. 

Like O-M-G shutup Suzie and stop being the damn messenger all the damn time!

Jennifer also gets an eerie feeling while vacationing in Tahiti, she said being there reminds her of her honeymoon with Eric.

Jennifer and Kenya have distanced themselves from the other ladies so far while being in Tahiti. Tami and Shaunie notice and Tami says they did nothing to Jennifer, yet she talks to them less since the beef with Evelyn started. 

"I'm a little bothered by the lack of common courtesy of saying 'hey, you know I'm here' ... it's safe to come out the room because we've diffused Evelyn in this whole thing, we've established that this violence and all the screaming and hollering can't be done anymore...," Shaunie said.

Now if you remember in last weeks episode, Evelyn and Suzie played a prank on Kenya by hiding dead, smelly fish all over her room. Evelyn has no idea how Kenya spent the night in her room with the dead fish around and doesn't know how Kenya doesn't smell it.

Tami has had enough with Jennifer and Kenya hiding in their rooms and her and Shaunie decide to go knock on Kenya's door. They tell Kenya to come out and join them.

Tami said as soon as Kenya opened the door, the fish smell hit her in her face.

Kenya Basketball Wives
As soon as Kenya sits at the table
she backs her chair up.
She doesn't know what to expect out of Evelyn.
"The fact that she's still in there and hasn't commented on that funky room is making me uneasy," she said.

Kenya decides to come out and says, "I wanna see Evelyn. We have a lot to discuss and I've decided at this point she's a threat and I will handle her accordingly."

Evelyn said she can respect Kenya joining them despite the past drama they had, and she calls Jennifer a pu**y for staying in her room.

This is also the first time Kenya has seen Evelyn since the bottle incident. (Read that recap HERE).

Tami questions Kenya about her plane ride and asks if Jennifer said anything about them. Evelyn said Kenya is believing "the hype" Jennifer is telling her because she wants to be like Jennifer.

Basketball Wives

Kenya goes on to say she had a bottle thrown at her the last time she was around Evelyn and she didn't appreciate it. Evelyn said when she's angry she see's red and Kenya's face looked like she was not playing!

"Look hows she's looking... Jesus... she scares me," Shaunie said.

Kenya Basketball Wives
Kenya admits to being crazy
Kenya starts shaking and says when somebody apologizes you can't hit them because then she'll look like the a**hole. 

So I take it she wanted to hit Evelyn.

"I think there's a better way to handle a situation instead of throwing a bottle at them...," Kenya told Evelyn.

Evelyn said she was extremely mad and tells Kenya to just watch what she says. Wow!

Kenya was very angry about what happened and she wanted revenge. 

Shaunie asks Kenya if she's okay and Kenya said it takes her a minute to get over things and she admitted to being a little bit crazy.

I feel like Kenya would tear Evelyn up!

Well I guess things are squashed for now and she hangs around Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie afterwards. The girls convince Kenya to get Jennifer out her room.

Jennifer realizes she can't avoid everyone and she decides to come out. She walks past the other girls, doesn't acknowledge them or wave at them. Her and Kenya go to themselves and have lunch together.

Kenya tells Jennifer maybe her and Evelyn can hash things out since they did. 

"Because she apologized to her doesn't mean we're gonna come to a happy resolution," Jennifer said.

She refuses to even sit down and have dinner with Evelyn.

"You go on vacation to have a good time and if I don't want to be around you then I'm not gonna be around you," Jennifer said.

Shaunie and Tami decide to go over and talk to Jennifer since she didn't bother to tell them she was at the resort. 

"I would go over there but it's a restaurant and I'm trying to contain myself," Evelyn said.

I guess Evelyn wants to act civilized in restaurants now, good for her! She's learning.

Jennifer tells Tami and Shaunie she was just trying to relax and was being low key. Shaunie wants to resolve all the beef but Jennifer said it has escalated to a point of no return.

Basketbal WivesWell, long and behold Evelyn walks over to the rest of the girls to have the discussion with Jennifer. 

Jennifer straight up tells Evelyn she doesn't want to talk about anything but Evelyn continues on and says Jennifer was the start of everything. 

Jennifer said they already came to a conclusion that they're not friends so what's the point of talking about it. She said she's over it, she's not going to listen to it and she gets up from the table and leaves.

You go Jennifer! Distance yourself away from the bullsh*t.

Basketball Wives
Jennifer doesn't have time for the drama
Evelyn gets up and walks after Jennifer while talking crap. Tami follows to make sure Evelyn doesn't explode/

Evelyn is pissed Jennifer doesn't want to talk to her, even after she approached her in a calm manner.

Evelyn screams out to Jennifer that she has a list of men in her phone of the people Jennifer f*cked while she was married.

"She doesn't wanna talk about anything because her whole existence is a lie, this whole barbie doll sh*t is a lie... give me a lie detector test because I'm passing that sh*t with flying colors," Evelyn said.

Next week: It looks like Evelyn will finally get to talk to Jennifer and she puts Jennifer on blast for sleeping with some man without a condom. Oh goodness!


  1. Oh boy, Evelyn is desperate and all that anger now is because deep down she really wants to be friends with Jennifer. How could someone like Jen really wants to be friends again with her? Even if they have each others secrets, for Evelyn to start behaving like this means she is not loyal. Yea yea she said she was. Well, if you go off like that because you are no longer friends it means you can't be trusted. What I can't understand is, Jennifer obviously wants to move on but Evelyn is stuck on Jen. Why does she so desperately wants to talk to someone who is ignoring her? Shauni is an hypocrite and as for Tami, she's crazy and should know that with Kenya's skills she could give it to her. Kenya is crazy? You all be careful.

    1. Yes! It is obvious Evelyn's feelings were hurt when Jen didn't want to talk to her. I give Jen props for walking away from the BS

  2. Did Kenya ever realize her room was filled with stinking fish before the trip ended?
    I think that was so juvenile of grown as women to put rotten fish in someone's room on a vacation resort.

    1. Nope! Unless they didn't show that part. Tami and Shaunie went to her room and as soon as Kenya opened the door they smelled it, I don't know how she stayed in there.

      And yes it's very juvenile, these women are in their 30's, some close to 40, yet they act like they're in high school!

  3. Worse than high school, more like they're in the fifth grade. Kenya had to smell that fish and look around to discover a ton of fish planted all over the place. I just can't believe she chose to ignore it and play it off. It wasn't just the bottle incident from last time that had her shaking, it was the fish, she HAD to know. The woman chose to ignore it and play it off! Why? Why does she keep smiling? She was so proud she got an apology from Evelyn! That was no apology! And she put dead fish all over her room, and no she's not crazy she's the only one who is sane besides Jen and Keisha. She was just tryin in her way to stand up to that bully Evelyn, but while she was at it, she should of brought up the fish or, better, found some dignity and let those women go and quit TV!

  4. Kenya i cannot believe that you did not smell that funky fish in that room. So the girls must have gotten in trouble for that and house keeping had to have cleaned the room before Kenya arrived, So when they said they smelled fish when she opened the door they were lying they didn't smell anything.Tammie needs some serious help Jennifer Keep on keeping on and Evelyn stop the Hating you don't wear it well, and the booty licking white girl i dislike her so much i can't think of her name she makes me sick one of you girls need to smack her ass down.

  5. Shaunie pushes the blame on the shy ones when she Clearly know Tammie is a bully is all sense of the Word and Evelyn is just upset Jennifer Quit kissing her A@@!, she couldn't take it. Shaunie stood by and laughed as they planted the fish and she call her self a LEADER, looks like to me she is scared of Tammie if anybody should have been let go it is Clear who it should have been, but Shaunie Protects them. I use to think she was so sweet Shaunie is full of SHI@@@@@@@@@@@@!


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