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Tanisha Gets Married: Former Bad Girls Spoil Tanisha's Bridal Shower and Why is She Marrying Clive?

Episode 3: "You're Asking for a Fight"

So we're on the third episode of Oxygen's new series, Tanisha Gets Married, one of the Bad Girls Club spin-off shows

I've been keeping up with the episodes and at first I had no desire to blog about this show but after watching yesterday's episode I had to say something.

Tanisha is about something and she may be the only bad girl actually making a name for herself and still in the spotlight. What I don't get is why she is marrying this guy Clive. 

Tanisha is pissed
when she goes through Clive's laptop
After what happened in last weeks episode I would have at least postponed the wedding, if I was her.

In case you missed it, Tanisha snooped through Clive's laptop and discovered Clive is on a dating site AND with an active profile! Dude was busted. 

AND, when Tanisha confronted him about it and asked if he slept with anyone, Clive had the nerve to say he planned on deactivating it... oh, and he reassured Tanisha he didn't sleep with anyone on the site. 

Social networking will get people in relationships in trouble when not used right!

Clive laughs when Tanisha
brings up the pre-nup
Cliveeee, you are about to get married! Why in the hell is your dating profile active? Suspect.

In last nights episode, Tanisha talked with a lawyer and he suggested Tanisha makes Clive sign a prenuptial agreement. 

When Tanisha presents Clive with the paperwork, he straight up says he's not signing it. Tanisha tells him, 'if you love me and just for me then you should sign it' and blah, blah, blah. Clive said he'll think about it but most likely he doesn't see himself signing it. Suspect.

I feel like Tanisha can do better and I feel like she's settling with this guy because she's known him for awhile and they're also good friends. But Clive seems like a straight up bum and he seems shady. 

Tanisha even admitted that she finally found someone who likes a plus size every once in a while, wow. 

Girl do not sell yourself short, just because you're big doesn't mean there is not a better guy out there for you.

Clive's family isn't feeling Tanisha and he straight up told Tanisha some of his family members won't come to their wedding! 

Clive doesn't even see this as a problem. Instead he tells Tanisha, "Everybody knows the person you are and I still put up with you." Wow!

She calls Clive's mother to ask for her blessing in marrying her son. His mother gives Tanisha her blessing and Tanisha breathes a sigh of relief because she thought his mother didn't accept her and didn't think she was good enough for Clive.

Aside from beefing with Clive, there was more drama when other former bad girls made there way to Tanisha's bridal party. 

She meets with "Miss I Run L.A.," Natalie from BGC season 4. Her and Tanisha fell out as friends at one point because Natalie didn't like the fact that Tanisha was all buddy, buddy with Char from BGC season 6. Natalie doesn't like Char and felt like Tanisha shouldn't have talked to her. Tanisha and Natalie made up and Tanisha invited her to her bridal shower, even thought Flo will be there.

"I'm honestly worried about the two of them ever meeting face-to-face," Tanisha said.

Natalie said she can't be in the same room as Flo because she would whoop her a**. Yeah right Natalie, lol.

"I can't believe she invited her to her party, I cannot stand that b*tch," she said.

Natalie said with Flo being present is just asking for a fight. Tanisha also asked Natalie to be a bridesmaid but Natalie said Flo can't be in the wedding with her.

"If she even looks at me I'm flying across the room," Natalie said.

She does however agree to be a bridesmaid. 

Later, it was like round 2 from the season 4 BGC reunion when Natalie and Flo were face-to-face at Tanisha's bridal shower.

"I got so much anger built up inside of me and I wanna knock her out, but I'm not gonna do it in front of Tanisha," Flo said.

Flo said her hair is gonna be up nice and tight for the wedding, just in case a fight breaks out. 

Amber from BGC season 3 and Wilmarie from season 6 make their way to the bridal shower. Tanisha said out of all the bad girls she's the closest to Amber and when they hang out there is never drama.

As soon as Natalie pulls up in front of Tanisha's house, she has second thoughts about going inside after receiving a text from Amber that there's already minor drama.

Tanisha had to come outside to convince Natalie to come inside to the party. 

When Natalie walks in Tanisha's house, she looks around at the decorations and thinks they're ugly and horrible. Lol, Natalie is a hot mess.

Tensions were flying high and there was bound to be drama between Natalie and Flo at the bridal shower.

It started as soon as Flo got up and said, "everybody here just listen!"

Flo confronted Natalie over a rumor and gossip that she heard. Supposedly Natalie said Flo was clubbing while she was pregnant. Tanisha butts in and says they're grown women, get over it.

"All you do is talk sh*t about me," Flo said to Natalie.

These two start arguing and yelling and it's obvious there is a lot of unfinished business.

Next week: It looks like Tanisha has had enough of Clive and she yells at him to take his ring back. 

I really don't think Tanisha should marry him.


  1. Serious red flags with this one but you know how they dramatize in these reality shows! Clive seems shady and unambitious!

    1. yea they do dramatize a lot, but I feel like Tanisha is settling and she shouldn't do that to herself.

  2. maybe this series should be cancelled due to clive isan asshole and Tanisha can begin a abd girl search for love


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