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Beyonce Wins a Journalism Award ...Like Really?

Beyonce will be honored by the New York Association of Black Journalists for her Essence magazine article "Eat, Play, Love" that was published in 2011. She placed first in the arts and entertainment magazine category.

In Beyonce's magazine article, she writes about taking time off her career to travel and find herself.

Although this is just one other award that Beyonce can add to her list of accomplishments, many people disagree with the decision on awarding Beyonce who just wrote about her nine month vacation.

According to the Washington Post:

The New York Times points to criticism from Amber Rose of Mused Magazine, who writes, “These types of awards overlook the real journalists who write about insightful and sometimes dangerous topics.”

When I first heard this news I'm like heyyy, I won an NYABJ award too, first place in the Genral Feature: Long Category for radio. (More on that HERE)

From someone who has a background in journalism and media studies and also being a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), I do get a little pissed when people like Snooki from Jersey Shore can write a book and become a 'Best Selling Author' and now Beyonce is winning a journalism award. 

This is kinda like saying 'oh anyone can be a journalist?' Now anyone can win our awards too? You don't see me trying to get a Grammy.

What do you think? Should Beyonce have been awarded for her work, even though she doesn't have a known journalism background?

Can she now be called an award-winning journalist? Like what does this say for the real journalists out there?... for people like me who have an actual degree in this field!


  1. Ok I am just seeing this for some reason, but I don't know. I think if it is good then it is good. I don't think anyone can do it, but some people are multi-talented. I haven't read it so I can't judge. I do know I wouldn't call someone who wrote ONE thing a journalist. That is different than coming out with ONE sing and being called a singer. I have no issue with an award if it is deserved, but don't call someone what they are not and I don't think she is a journalist.

    1. I def don't consider her a journalist.. it takes a lot more than receiving awards and us journalists (I love saying that, lol) put in a lot of work for a story and don't get awards ir credit for it. She wrote one piece and then BOOM because she is Beyonce, she wins something. I'm pretty sure her name helped her.


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