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Monday Madness: "I Hate My Job" Photos

Its been a minute since I posted a Monday Madness special update, but here I am and today's topic to start off the work week is "I Hate My Job."

Thanks to one of my friends, I came across a hilarious, quirky blog: The Chive and found 31 funny photos in a "I Hate My Job" post. 

Below are a couple of funny ones I picked out from that blog.

hate my job 16 I hate my job (31 Photos)
This brings me back to when I used to work at Victoria Secret.
Working in retail is challenging.
And, people don't care that you just folded something,
they'll still mess it up right in front of you!

hate my job 28 I hate my job (31 Photos)
LMAO!! He is not even trying to hide the fact
that he's sleeping on the job.
hate my job 13 I hate my job (31 Photos)
Major printer back up.
Sucks when you just have one page you want to get from the printer and
someone who printed before you decides to print out a freakin' book!
hate my job 9 I hate my job (31 Photos)
I would never trust my food in a work refrigerator.
And working with mostly females in the office... not always good.
hate my job 21 I hate my job (31 Photos)
LOL! This had me rollin'.
hate my job 12 I hate my job (31 Photos)
This actually happened to a truck on the New Jersey parkway
and it backed up traffic for miles.
Shouldn't truckers know their height clearance? Smh.

Photo Credits: The Chive Blog