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Madonna Covers Italian 'Vanity Fair' Magazine

Madonna has an eight page spread in the latest Vanity Fair Italia magazine to promote the release of her latest album M.D.N.A and to promote her newest fragrance Truth or Dare

The photo shoot for the cover was shot during the Truth or Dare by Madonna video shoot. I think she looks great on the black-and-white cover.

Below is a peep of the interview:

The crows that say "Madonna is over, the new album does not sell" (the truth is that the numbers of the first week of MDNA are the best since the days of Music, 2000, and eventually the hard sell as much as Hard Candy 4 years ago). Critics who massacred his film as a director (WE come to us on June 8, go and judge for yourself). Other crows warn of upcoming concerts (in many countries but the tickets sold out in minutes, the three Italian rounds in June - Milan, Florence, Rome - have already sold 40,000 tickets in town, and the tour proclaimed as the most successful collections ever for a solo).

As for herself, Madonna, and Madonna is not satisfied. So, here it is jumping into one of the few companies that were missing: sign a scent. High-level marketing operation, but also smart risky.

She said she was inspired for this scent, his mother, who always called Mary, who died when she was a child. That woman was?

"A real mother. Sweet, feminine, and inviting music. And he always used the perfume Fracasby Robert Piguet. It's a smell in my memory: I associate the childhood memory of the morning when I woke up early and went to slip into my parents' bed. "

She seems not to be afraid of anything.

"It is not true: there are things that are scary to me."

For example?

"Not knowing, not being in control of what's happening around me. It can not predict what will happen. And also the fact that the world is full of ignorant and full of prejudices: that scares me more than anything. "

How do you think they changed the years?

"Over the years themselves, are the children that made ​​me become more patient and tolerant. I take everything less seriously than once. They are more resilient, mentally. "

The full interview hits newsstands tomorrow (May 3).