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Serena Williams Says She is Giving Up on Dating Due to Heartache

30-year-old tennis star Serena Williams recently told that she is giving up on dating. This decision stems from past relationships gone wrong, now she's just focused on work.

Although Serena didn't name drop any past ex-boyfriends as to what made her decide this, I wonder if her rumored exes Drake or Common have anything to do with it.

In her interview, Serena said:

"I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so. I can't get involved."

"I have given up on dating. It just hasn't worked out well for me."

"I'm a really emotional person. I give my all and everything. I do make mistakes — like every human does — but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. I just can't go through that anymore. It was hard." 

Aww no, how sad. 


  1. Serena has a beautiful personality. I love to listen to her talk during interviews and press conferences. Shes has so much style and I love her strong, tough demeanor. Also, I love watching her play Tennis. Shes so brutal.


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