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Ray J is Hospitalized After Billboard Music Awards Drama

Ray J was hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration after attending the Billboard Music Awards which took place on Sunday night.

TMZ is reporting that he was found in his hotel room "out of it" and unable to get out of his bed so he was taken to a hospital for immediate attention.

Ray J's rep has released a statement about his hospitalization:

"Ray J has been in a Las Vegas area hospital since the early morning of Monday and will remain there for treatment for exhaustion and jet lag. Ray J had just returned to the US from a quick 32-hour round trip from China where he performed a concert and had meetings regarding a new business. Upon landing, he immediately drove four hours to Las Vegas for the two events."

Also according to TMZ, while at the Billboard awards, Ray J had quite the encounter with Whitney Houston's family right before her daughter, Bobbi Kristina accepted the 'Millennium Award' on her behalf. 

Ray J reportedly dated Whitney on-and-off before she died and rumor has it that Whitney's family didn't view Ray J as a good influence.

Ray J reportedly had a run-in with Whitney's sister-in-law, Pat Houston. She asked security to remove Ray J from his seat but he refused to budge. 

Pat eased up on her demands when she was notified that things may get physical between Ray J and security if they have to physically remove him, then it may all get caught on camera.

Tisk, tisk.