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What Makes You Feel Confident?

What gives you that extra oomph?

I saw this article in Yahoo! Shine about things women do to feel at their best. Some people responded negatively and thought it was a shame that women need to do all of these things to feel good about themselves. Some said simply paying their bills or their career make them feel good. Okay people, we're talking about the simple beauty tricks that make you feel good about yourselves. 

The author of the article said manicured nails, red lipstick and a beachy tan give her a confidence boost. 

Me personally, I don't wear lipstick, I don't like anything red on my lips and I don't need a tan. I do however agree with her on the manicured nails. Nowadays, I paint my own nails to save a good 30 bucks that I used to spend at the nail salon which can now go in my gas tank. 

And the simple style nowadays is short trimmed nails with a popping color. No need for a french manicure with long tips.

Since summer is approaching, I stocked up on a bunch of bright, happy, summery colors (the pinks, oranges, bright blues, etc.) and must admit when my nails are on point and not chipping, that gives me my little confidence boost. 

I've also noticed that I show off my hands a bit more when my nails are done by wearing rings to bring attention to my nails.

I listed the three things below that give me that extra oomph:

  • Hairdo
I think any woman can say she feels good when her hair is nicely nice. Just having your hair done can boost your confidence and make you feel like a million bucks. I know I feel much better when my hair is on point.

  • Clear face/makeup 
I'm not big into covering my whole face in makeup but I do focus on my eyes. Eyes draw attention. When I talk to anybody, I focus in on their eyes, which intimidates a lot of people but what else am I going to stare at.

I love my eyes to pop and every morning, it is a must that I wear mascara to lengthen my eyelashes. Lengthened eyelashes bring out my eyes and makes me feel like my face looks a lot better.
  • A new outfit
Remember going back-to-school shopping with your parents and getting fresh new school clothes for the first day, or first week of school? 

I remember the feeling I used to have, like I was anxious, couldn't sleep and couldn't wait for school to start. I couldn't wait to show off my new clothes and sneakers! 

Well, I don't get that anxious feeling anymore, but I do feel happier and more confident when stepping out in a fresh, hot, new outfit.
  • Working out
I'm gonna add a fourth one... the gym is also a quick confidence booster. I like the strong feeling I get after a good workout, which makes me feel good.

What are your three confidence boosters?