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Will Smith Slaps TV Reporter After the Reporter Kisses Him (Video)

A kiss on the cheek may be a greeting in some other countries, but was not a greeting to actor Will Smith.

He was in Moscow for a premiere of his newest movie Men in Black 3, which is coming out in theaters next week, and a male Ukrainian hugged then planted a kiss on Will and he was not happy!

Will slapped the reporter and walked away saying, "what the hell is your problem man!?"

"He kissed me on my mouth. He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him," Smith told another reporter on the red carpet. "Sorry. I said that on camera. ...It's all good ..."

TMZ posted the video and a source tells the gossip news site that the Ukrainian TV reporter kisses everyone he interviews. It's his trademark. Aww. Watch the video below:

Ha! That was kind of like a b*tch slap.