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Drake Gets Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher (Watch Video)

Nobody can do Punk'd like Ashton Kutcher!

Ashton came back to host a very special Punk'd episode prior to last night's MTV's Movie Awards

He said he was disappointed with some of the episodes during this season so far - yes it has been wack - and he came back to show how it's done... and went in hard!

Ashton punk'd Kim Kardashian (the Kardashian that matters, as he said) and he punk'd rap star Drake. 

Drake's Punk'd episode has to go down in history as the best one ever! 

Ashton set up a fake earthquake which Drake thought he was trapped in, in a parking garage on his way to meet Vice President Joe Biden... so he thought.

Drake got so scared that he even called his mother. He said it was his first earthquake and when Ashton came out to reveal it was all a joke, he did an armpit check on Drake...sweaty! Lol.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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