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Nicki Minaj Pulls Out of Hot 97 Summer Jam Performance After Being Dissed By Radio Host

Yesterday (June 3) was the annual Hot 97's Summer Jam at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Nicki Minaj was supposed to headline the show and it would have been the rappers first time performing on the Summer Jam stage, but things went wrong when a Hot 97 host dissed one of her songs.

Peter Rosenberg, host from Hot 97's morning show "Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg" went on the stage, shouted out the real hip hop heads and then said, "I know there's some chicks waiting to see the Starships leader... f*ck that bullsh*t."

After his diss, Nicki Minaj's leader and boss of Young Money Cash Money, Lil' Wayne stepped in and pulled Young Money from the show. Nicki Minaj was pulled from performing and so was DJ Khaled. 

Lil' Wayne made the announcement via Twitter: "Young Money ain't doing summer jam."

Nicki's barbz weren't too happy about it. There were a lot of disappointed fans who came to see Nicki and her fans also thought Rosenberg should apologize.

Rosenberg stated on his show this morning that he would not apologize for what he said. He said that's how he feels, he doesn't think he did anything wrong and he's been saying it for months on the radio. He did however say he was shocked that Nicki pulled out of the show over his comments. 

And this isn't the first time Nicki's more pop-like songs like "Starships" came under criticism. Since her newest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded came out, many criticized the album for being half pop and not a full rap album.

Well, like Power 105 said this morning on their morning show "The Breakfast Club" during their "Donkey of the Day" segment, why diss someone who is headlining your show? Yea there may have been a lot of disappointed fans, but Nicki was the biggest star there, she shouldn't have to tolerate being dissed before performing. Was it right to back out at the last moment?, maybe not, but I understand why she did.

Nas, Rick Ross and even Lauryn Hill performed among many other rap artists.

Lil' Kim also found the perfect opportunity to diss Nicki Minaj after hearing she pulled out of Summer Jam. She took it open herself to tweet and said: "Have a great show!!! Break a leg!!! Hahahaha!!!"

Hot 97's DJ Funk Master Flex was pissed Nicki dropped out of the show and he blasted Nicki on stage, "We ain't f*ckin' with commercial rappers no more."

Nicki tweeted herself saying:

"Wow. U niggaz just f*cked up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB."

"Had a HELL of a f*cking lineup. But we won't be disrespected. I go above and beyond for my fans. But won't ever go against Wayne's word. What he says, goes. I'd like to thank the staff @ philly and boston summer jams for treating their guests w/respect Had a blast."