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R. Kelly's Autobiography Reveals Troubled Marriage with 'Hollywood Exes' Star

R. Kelly released his autobiography today (June 28) Soulacoaster, The Diary of Me where he talks about the breakup with his ex-wife, Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly.

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Andrea is the mother of Kelly's three children and was with R. Kelly for 13 years and married for ten. On her new reality show - which includes four other ex-wives of famous celebrities - Andrea talks about her past relationship with R. Kelly and how she was always hidden. Many didn't even know R. Kelly was a married man while she was with him. 

Andrea is now gaining her independence back and she took a huge step by moving out of Chicago (her comfort zone with R. Kelly) to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, something she wasn't able to do while married.

According to Yahoo's Music Blog, R. Kelly has a chapter in his new book entitled "The Breakup," where he describes the day when his frustrated ex-wife took off her $50,000 wedding ring and threw it in a pond in their backyard... which all started as a dare...

One day, Kelly said he confronted Andrea about her feelings for him and it backfired.
"The way you're acting around here," he wrote, "I don't think you love me anymore." He repeated the statement, but she did not respond. So he challenged her.
"If you really don't love me, I dare you to take off your wedding ring and throw it in the pond out back," he wrote.
Andrea replied that the proposal wasn't a good idea. "You might not like what your dare will make me do," she said.
Kelly continued.
"Drea took the dare," he wrote. "She marched out to the yard and threw the ring in the pond — 'plunk!' Man, I couldn't believe it. I offered $10,000 to anyone who could fish that ring out of the pond. No one could."

Kelly also discusses other personal details in the book like crying while watching The Notebook, being molested by a teenage girl when he was a child, being illiterate and his fallout with Jay-Z during the Best of Both Worlds tour and album promotional run.

Although R. Kelly released many personal details, according to reports, he did leave out a couple; his past sex tape and his rumored relationship with the late Aaliyah.