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Bad Girls Club Mexico Premiere: The Girls are Beefing and Fighting Already

Episode 1: "One Night in Mexico"

  • The bad girls and random quotes from their introductions
  • Full recap of episode 1

Random quotes:

Mehgan "I'm gonna make the rules because I'm the queen."
The Char (season 6) look alike who sized up the other girls and said she is the cutest in the house and has the best body. 

She also kept saying she is President Obama's step daughter and said she has him on speed dial. Ummm, Obama doesn't have any step children and if he did, I don't think Obama's stepdaughter would be on this show.

Julie - "If you disrespect me than it's game over."
Her car has a lot of scratches on it from all the b*tches she pissed off. 

Rima - The wild child who loves to show off her a**.
"Every time I go to the club I always look to see who the bouncers are... whose d*ck do I have to suck because I'm not staying in line."

Falen - The cool, laid back chick who says she has swag.
"I'm a socialite, I know all the club owners and I go to all the clubs for free... I have my own style, I'm a D.C. muthaf*ckin' celebrity."

Jersey City, New Jersey
Ashley - The blonde party girl who can't walk in heels.
"I'm ditsy as hell, I like it, it's fun... I'm not classy at all... classy people are boring as hell."

Christina - Another New Jersey native makes the Bad Girls Club... "I live in Jersey which is small, so I don't go around opening my legs to everyone."

Erika - Big hair, big personality and she seems cool but don't unleash her inner beast.
" I'm always the leader of my pact... I'm not scared that any girl is gonna be stronger than me or more dominate than me and I'm pretty sure I can make these girls follow me."

Premiere Recap:

The show of course, starts off with a fight that will be shown in a future episode and then it back tracks to the first day when the bad girls come together and meet each other.

Fast forward: Mehgan is on the phone and tells someone she is over the whole experience and says all the girls are weird. 

Next thing you know, all the girls get home and Mehgan runs up behind Julie and Falen, she grabs Julie's hair and starts fighting her and Falen at the same time.

Now rewind to four weeks earlier and the season begins...

Mehgan is the first bad girl to arrive at the house and she checks out the photos of her new roommates. She already seems like she's so into herself and judges people based on their looks right away. 

When she meets Julie - who is the second to come to the house - Mehgan says to herself, "my first thought of this girl is that she's big, like we're on the beach, get in f*cking shape..."

Falen and Rima
Everyone is buddy, buddy for now
Rima and Falen meet each other and quickly become cool when they find out they both speak Arabic.

Ashley and my girl Christina from Jersey meet up and Ashley feels like they are going to be best friends already. Now we all know there are no BFF's in the Bad Girls house and from watching the trailer of whats to come, it looks like these two don't make it as friends for long.

Ashley and Christina meet at a bar
then head to the house by boat
Erika walks in last and Mehgan thinks she is a "big beasty b*tch" but says she's cuter in person. 

Now all of the bad girls are home, time for shots! 

Rima and Mehgan deem themselves the prettiest girls in the house and become roomies... they are cool, for now.

Mehgan and Rima

The girls have a house meeting and they all agree that they don't like their stuff to be touched. 

Christina says, "... you throw my sh*t in the pool b*tch, I'm throwing you in the pool along with all your other shit, I'll end up in the pool with you."

Julie sized up Christina right away and said she has no style so she doesn't know what she's about. Julie feels like they won't get along, "Honestly like she (Christina) really needs to keep her face away from my face."

Is Julie a hater already?
All the girls start explaining why they're bad girls and while Falen is speaking, Christina starts to laugh to herself. Julie puts Christina's laughing on blast and asks her why is she laughing. 

Christina says she can laugh if she wants and says she laughs at everything. 

These two will definitely bump heads soon.

Mehgan and Erika say they have to be cool because they're both black. This reminds me of Kayla wanting to be Tiffany's friend during season 3 because they were the only two black girls in the house.

Erika said she doesn't want problems with anymore but already knows once all the girls return to the house from a night of drinking then people's true colors will come out. And, she was right! Drama happens on the first night out.

The girls head out to party at a club. Julie said she doesn't like Jersey and said "it's fake as f*ck." She goes on to say she isn't clicking with Christina and wants to push her buttons.

Mehgan, Falen and Julie kind of stay to themselves and seem to be forming their own little clique already. They watch the other girls dance on top of the bars and say they're trashy.  Mehgan said when she first met Rima she thought she was a classy girl but after seeing her shake her butt on top of a bar she wants nothing to do with her.

Christina walks over and hears them say, "there she goes." Julie decides to call Christina out and tells her to watch her mouth and says she thinks she's fake. Christina doesn't take any crap from Julie and she leans in close to her face and dares Julie to do something. 

Julie blows smoke in Christina's face. Both girls start arguing back and forth on the street and Christina spits at Julie and keeps egging her on to start something. Nothing major happens, just a few taps here and there.

Rima comes over to get the other girls to help her carry Erika out of the club and to the limo because she is done for the night. 

Christina tells Ashley she isn't going home and the other girls will go home before her.

"I'm a tough a** b*tch, don't mess with me," Christina said.

Julie said, "... She's lucky she started a fight in public because I don't wanna go to Mexican jail."

When the girls get back to the house, Erika is still knocked out in the limo. Rima goes outside and brings Erika in the house and she knocks out in the bed. 

"...You don't just sleep here, you have to sleep with one eye open," Falen said.

Her and Mehgan decide to mess with Erika and they put toothpaste, hot sauce and toilet paper all over her.

The next morning, Erika wakes up to sh*t all over her but laughed it off, and said she expects to get pranked in the house, and will get someone back.

Towards the end of the episode, as Rima is getting ready to go in the pool, Mehgan points out to her that she hasn't showered in awhile and suggests she does it. Rima tells her she will shower, but after she goes in the pool. So Mehgan thinks Rima is dirty because she didn't shower after their night of clubbing. 

Julie, Falen and Mehgan continue to talk about the showering issue some more. 

"Clean your cooch, stop being a dirty b*tch," Falen said about Rima.

Julie says the jacuzzi is a cesspool grossing her out. Erika walks past the girls and hears them talking crap. 

"I'm snitching because I wanna see them box," Erika said.

Erika tells Rima what they said and Rima approaches Mehgan right away. She gets in her face and Mehgan pushes Rima's face away.

This episode ends the way it started... with a fight which will pick back up on next week's episode, so tune in for more!


  1. "The next morning, Falen wakes up to sh*t all over her but laughed it off." It was Erika who woke up with everything on her, not Falen.


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