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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Rapper Lil' Scrappy and Stevie J Fight (Video)

(UPDATE: So rumor has it, the fight between Stevie J and Scrappy was heavily edited so Scrappy wouldn't violate his parole. Read more on that HERE.)

In this weeks episode, Stevie J dodges a bullet when he takes Joseline to the clinic to get an abortion. But, he doesn't dodge the other bullets coming at him. Mimi claims to be done with Stevie and said she will not talk to him while he is talking to Joseline. Stevie J also gets into a fight with Lil' Scrappy.

But first, Scrappy tells his mother, Momma Dee about Stevie disrespecting his baby mama Erica and calling her a b*tch which we saw in last weeks episode. 

Momma Dee eggs her son on to confront Stevie J! She tells him to teach Stevie never to disrespect "the prince of the south" ever again and says "check him!"

Later on, Lil' Scrappy and Erica head over to the studio where they know Stevie J is at. Scrappy wants to confront Stevie about coming out his mouth. 

Stevie walks outside with Joseline (of course) and Erica points him out to Scrappy. Erica says to Stevie, "It's me, the b*tch," like yea remember me. 

Listen Here: Stevie J Discussing the Fight Between Him and Scrappy

Stevie comes off as Mr. cool as always and is apologetic. He says sorry to Erica for calling her that and says he was drinking and out of order. But Scrappy isn't done. 

"Did yow know that this is my baby mama?," Scrappy says to Stevie.

Lil' Scrappy fights Stevie J on 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' episode 4

He doesn't understand why Stevie would go around talking reckless to another mans chick, especially being that he doesn't even know Erica. Scrappy tells Stevie he wouldn't like it if he talked about his "b*tch," referring to Joseline.

Watch Here: Lil' Scrappy Discusses the Fight with Stevie J

So here comes Joseline butting in, she feels left out and doesn't know what's going on and then she accuses Erica of sleeping with Stevie whom she calls "her man." 

Stevie done effed sooo many chicks and Joseline can't trust him. So she goes on and on to Erica about her messing with Stevie. Erica and Stevie both deny sleeping together and said they don't know each other.

Joseline's mouth makes things worse and her accusations upsets Erica. Erica starts to get loud and then Scrappy starts to get loud and next thing you know punches fly, Scrappy is on the cement and Stevie is holding him on top. 

Erica is trying to get some swings in at Joseline and Joseline is fighting back like she's Stevie's main chick.

Then, I see Joseline on the concrete and Stevie hits Scrappy. The two get pulled apart and Scrappy runs over to try and get one last hit in but gets pulled back. In the end, the two parties get in their vehicles and drive off their separate ways.

What a mess! Watch the drama unfold below: